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mopping with mom

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

I usually try to mop the floors at night or when the kids are napping, however my kids love to help mop so I try to include them as often as I can hadle it.


Here’s Calvin super excited even though he fell down in the large amount of water a bunch of times.


You can’t tell very well in these pics but there is ALOT of water on the floor.


Oh yes it’s so much fun. They especially enjoy taking big towels and sliding across the floor afterwards because we don’t have 2 weeks for the floors to dry by themself.


Sick of being sick!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

So little Calvie has been sick since Friday evening. He has had a fever of 102 and 103 since then. I took him in yesterday and found out he has another ear infection. Looks like he will be getting tubes put in. It is crazy he is so miserable except when he has his motrin then he is off the wall. Everytime he seems to be getting better then all of sudden he is totally drained and not doing well. I sure hope he gets better quick. Monty was also sick Sunday night with a fever and bad cold so I kept him home from school. What a crazy day that was :)


He fell asleep in the living room yesterday. He has been sleeping sooo much.


Here he was today, he fell asleep in the rocking chair and when he woke up he was boiling 102 temp again. I gave him his motrin and now he is totally wired and he wants a POPTART that is all he keeps saying.

Tagged by 5

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Tagged by 5

Kim P tagged me 

5 things on my to do list…

  1. Wash all the winter jackets and put away. (However it is a good thing I didn’t yet because we have snow again today!)
  2. Call and make kids Dr. and Dentist appointments.  
  3. Laundry this never leaves my to-do list.
  4. Mark more garage sale items.
  5. Read my book Eclipse, thanks Sonja I am totally hooked.

5 Snacks I Love…

  1. Licorice especially the red vines brand.
  2. soft chocolate chip cookies
  3. Mint 3 musketeers 
  4. hummus
  5. black bean salsa and chips

5 things I will never wear again.

  1. leotard :) self explanitory
  2. leg warmers
  3. moon boots
  4. big belts over my shirt (do you remember that style?)
  5. Tapered jeans

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire…

  1. Pay off anything that needed to be
  2. Invest
  3. Share with family
  4. Put a bunch in each of my kids savings or invest for them.
  5. Go shopping!!

5 Bad Habits…

  1. staying up way too late.
  2. Procrastination
  3. Sleeping as late as possible. Kim you are good 7:30 is early for me:)
  4. Not following through with my good intentions.
  5. Leaving my shopping bags in the van. I bought the reusable shopping bags but seem to always leave them in the van or at home

(Kim this one was easy since I pretty much copied all your answers :))

5 of my favorite toys…Nostalgics

  1. popples
  2. munchichi’s
  3. Cabbage patch kids
  4. My Little Ponies
  5. Annie locket I lost :(

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Nana Gasall came to visit….

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


What in the world?? Nana Gasall came to stay for a while when Todd was out of town she took us out to eat to one of my favorite restaurants Buffalo wild wings and Oliver was sitting in the high chair. I thought it was so cute so I took a picture little did I know I took a picture of my 6 month old mesmerized by beer. :) I didn’t realize it until I downloaded the pics. We had so much fun with Nana she helped me pick out curtains for my room and is such a huge help. We love having her come. Thanks so much Nana. We love you!!!

Fun in the Sun

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Oh yes it’s true it has been nice and sunny here YEAH! We will see how long that lasts, they are predicting snow later this week. Man oh man. We walked to the park and had a great time playing we even got a little sun. I need to get the sunscreen out.


Ella loves to push the kids in the swing. I was surprise Calvin let her he usually will yell, “NO Ella”.


Monty was super excited to push Ollie. I told him not to push him too high but next thing you know Oliver is going super high and fast and he is just laughing. Monty was so excited and said, “Mom he just loves it, I knew he would”.


Monty loves riding his scooter there is a great hill at the park that he likes to ride down. Calvin has also mastered his scooter recently it is so funny to watch him because he looks so little riding it.


It was a fun day at the park we are excited to go there a lot more.

Children’s museum

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Ella, Calvin, Ollie and I were able to go with some friends to the Children’s museum in Appleton. I have never been there so it was a real treat to go. I really liked it and am excited to take Monty sometime. All of the kids had fun even Ollie :)


Calvin loved pushing the cart around at the Kwik Trip. It was so cute.


Ella enjoyed the slides and pretty much everything there :)


Ollie loved the water he would get so excited that his whole body would shake it was so funny. They had these little chairs hooked to the water table that he could sit in. It was great.


Ella and Calvie at the water table.


Ollie’s 6 month picture

Thursday, April 17th, 2008


Here’s our Little Ollie. He is 6 months today!!


Rubber Ducky your the one:)


Here’s Ella’s 4 year old picture.

Ollie eating cereal for the 1st time!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

While we were on our trip we decided to have Ollie try cereal for his first time. He wasn’t sure about it at first but now he really seems to like it.


Hmm should I try it?




Calvin insisted on feeding Ollie so I let him and before you knew it Ollie had it all over his head and pretty much everywhere!

Our trip to the zoo

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

We had a really nice time at the zoo. The kids were excellent. It was a cooler day, but no rain. Yeah! The rest of week we had rain.


Calvin loved sitting in the stroller so that was great.


Monty loved feeding the animals. He was able to feed goats, horses, donkeys, fish and llamas.


Ella really enjoyed playing at the big park at the zoo here she is on a tire swing.


Here are the fish we fed at the zoo kind of creepy if you ask me. There were tons of them!

Our trip to Iowa!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Yeppers we went to Iowa for a week with Todd. He has been traveling alot lately and we really miss him so we decided to take Monty out of school and go for a week on one of his trips. We had a wonderful time and I must say I really really like Iowa. The best part was seeing Todd every morning and when he got back to the hotel from work. During the day the kids and I kept very busy we swam every morning for 2 hrs!! The kids loved the water.


Here is Monty he just loved the water he especially loved jumping in and trying to drench me :)


Calvin enjoyed watching everyone in the water. He would come in for a little bit, but wasn’t too sure about it. He would sit on the steps and watch.


Ella loved going around the pool with Ollie she also loved using the noodles. Ollie loved the pool and was usually in it for the first hour and then he would fall asleep I would put him all wrapped up on a pool chair and we were able to swim for another hour.