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My Grandma!!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

The Little Pink Restaurant

Yeah Grandma! I was so excited to read my cousin’s blog and find this! Interestingly enough she lives in Chile and here I live an hour away and found out from her :) Too funny. So Kim thanks so much for posting this.  I wanted to add it to my blog so everyone who reads mine could see this!!!
Little Pink owner surprised by award
For the Daily [Wisconsin Rapids] Tribune • August 16, 2008

Helen Ponczoch, a woman small in stature but big in personality and cooking talent, was surprised by a visit to her Wisconsin Rapids restaurant from Discover Wisconsin television and radio host Stephanie Klett.

Klett stopped by to present Ponczoch with an award naming the Little Pink Restaurant as Discover Wisconsin Radio’s Restaurant Pick of the Month for August.
“I had no idea we were being checked out for an award,” Ponczoch said. “I feel like 51 years of hard work has paid off with this beautiful honor.”
Helen and her husband, Melvin, have been in the restaurant business their entire life, and make it a family affair. When entering the restaurant, diners can see a blessing from the Pope with the official Vatican seal commemorating their 65th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated last year. There are also photos on the wall of the Ponczoch children, 28 grandchildren and 42 great-grandchildren.
Even the restaurant hours assure that the Ponczoch’s family comes first.
“We are open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are always closed on weekends and holidays, because that’s when you should be with your family,” Helen said.
The food is classic American fare, serving breakfast and lunch.
“Our cooking is all home-made and done from scratch. Nothing fancy, just fresh, great tasting food,” Helen said.
Discover Wisconsin host Klett couldn’t agree more.
“The Little Pink Restaurant is the epitome of a down-home diner at its best, only very, very pink.”
In order to be considered a restaurant pick of the month, the Discover Wisconsin team must dine at the establishment a minimum of three times. At each visit the restaurant must pass the test: high quality food, excellent service and a unique atmosphere. The restaurant has no idea that crew members are checking it out for an award.
The program on the Little Pink Restaurant can be played at
The Little Pink Restaurant is at 910 Dura Beauty Lane in Wisconsin Rapids.
“Wisconsin Rapids should be proud of this tiny Wisconsin treasure,” Klett said.

Bowling fun!

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Last week I decided to take the kiddos bowling before school started. So off we went to the bowling alley!


Here’s Monty he throws that thing pretty hard and he is sure to have a good running start.


Ella decided to use the little helper thingy and very daintly pushed the ball down it.


Calvie loved every minute of it even though they didn’t have shoes small enough for him to wear :) He insisted on getting his own ball by himself even though he could barely carry it!


Ollie enjoyed cruising around the bowling alley and checking it all out! It was a great day!

Its true

Monday, August 18th, 2008

I have a garden and actually got veggies from it. Yeah I absolutely love going out to get my fresh veggies for supper. I have tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, and hot peppers. I have been busy thinking of new things to make for supper using what I have so I can say to Todd, “Mmm lets have fajitas tonight, but we don’t have any peppers oh wait let me run out to my garden :). Yes I just get excited to say that so everynight I try to think of something to make using the veggies! Yep I am a dork.


Don’t those look great! I have never grown peppers before, but my mother-in-law does and said it was easy so I tried it this year and let me tell you those will be in my garden from now on. Thanks Mary! When I say garden I mean tiny little area on the side of my house but hey it works perfect. Hopefully one day I can have a big garden out back.

Baby Showers!

Monday, August 18th, 2008

This past weekend I was able to go to 2 babyshowers they were lots of fun! Both my cousins are having little ones. One cousin on my Dad’s side and one on my Mom’s side. We played lots of fun games and ate yummy food!


Here is my cousin Elizabeth who is due next month! She is having a little boy. Man if only I could have looked like that when I was pregnant.


My grandma and grandpa are having 6 more great grandbabies!! It was my cousin Amber’s first so the shower was for her she is the first one in the picture she is due in October. Next in the picture is my cousin Becky, then my cousins wife Lori, sister Beajay, and cousin Emily. Not pictured is my cousin, Sarah who lives in Colorado. How exciting! How dang cute all of them look! Yeah I can’t wait for all the little ones. We all go to my grandma’s restaurant for family gatherings, however I think she might need to add on to fit us all :)

Any suggestions?

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Ok so bedtime is the worst part of the day for us. Our kids are awful at bedtime. There is a lot of crying whining and yelling going on here. We have the same bedtime routine brush teeth, read scriptures and say prayers. Alot of time we also read books then they all get a drink and off to bed about an hour later they are usually asleep. We have to seperate them all before the night is over (3 share a room until our basement is finished so possibly until they are in college JK :) We have tried later bedtimes, staggering them etc. Please give me any suggestions you have!!!  Thank you

A quick trip to the grocery store…

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Ha Ha! I had to just run in and get 2 things at the grocery store today a watermelon and macaroni and cheese, however 25 minutes later we were finally on our way. I love going to Trigs because for starters they have a couple places up front for people with kids so if they are available I usually get one of those spots. Next I let Monty and Ella get out first and come stand next to each other. Then I let Calvie out but he has to hold onto Monty and Ella’s hand, he usually breaks free from Ella’s hand but Monty always has a tight grip on him. I then get Ollie out and we head into the store where the kids run for the little carts. This is when they think they are speed racers and begin to race as fast as they can usually into the back of my feet. Then I yelp and turn around to tell them how much it hurts and that they need to slow down. Then there are many conversations about how one kid has more stuff in their cart than another. About half way through usually one or all have to go to the bathroom. Monty now insists on going into the boys bathroom where Calvie of course follows. I then yell in to see how its going because I am paranoid with them in there alone. Monty comes out without Calvin and I need to send him back in to get him. Then we are back on our way, we somehow always end up with way more groceries. Of course the kids always need to put the groceries up to be checked out and Ella always wants to hand the cashier the money.


Today I decided to take a picture because this is how a typical day to the store looks. Ella always has to have her blankie, Calvin always has something today it was his sunglasses, Ollie is always peering out of the cart laughing at the kids and Monty always walks a little behind so that we don’t loose Ella or Calvie. Oh I must not forget all the wonderful comments that people feel need to be said or the looks I usually get. I just keep a smile on my face and remember that these are the days I will treasure. Interestling enough I really do enjoy every minute of it and have to smile to myself even now as I write this post. :)

I scream you scream we all scream for…

Saturday, August 9th, 2008


Yummy! We had a very hectic week last week. Todd was out of town. We went to Green Bay to visit Nana and Papa and had a lot of fun shopping, playing and going to Bay Beach. Then on Tuesday I took the kiddos to the Lodge at Cedar Creek, which is an indoor water park. We had a ton of fun. I ended up taking Ollie into the ER that night because his ear drum ruptured again!! We are going to Ear Nose and Throat specialist next week. Poor little tyke we had to wait at the ER for 3 1/2 hours it was ridiculous!! Ollie was so happy the whole time so I am sure that didn’t help get us in any sooner :) We also had soccer Nana and Papa came to watch Monty. It was very nice of them to come all the way from Green Bay for a couple of hours. Thanks so much. Then we ended the week getting together with friends and going for ice cream. Ice cream always makes things better. Right? Todd’s home woo woo! Oh and I also did get a new camera Yeah! and Todd and I celebrated our 8 yr. anniversary.