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Prayers please

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

My dad goes in for open heart surgery on Thursday. Please keep him in your prayer. Thank you!! (This was not planned but needs to be done)

Update - 10/1

Just to let you all know, Fred doesn’t go in for Surgery tomorrow (Thursday).   They were trying to get it scheduled for tomorrow but were unable to do so.  The date is still undecided, but soon.  We’ll keep you posted.

Helping in Monty’s class

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

I am so fortunate that I am able to help out in my kiddos classroom, thanks to some great friends and neighbors. Last week my AWESOME neighbor, Judy watched the 3 little ones so I could go help Monty’s group make snack. Thanks Judy. It was a lot of fun and I was able to put some names with faces.


Here is his group they made a healthy snack. They went to the farmers market and picked out different colored veggies and then made a homemade dip.

The green room!

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Well we are all done painting down stairs!! Yeah I am sooo excited. Some great friends took our kiddos for the day so Todd and I were able to paint and clean. I wasn’t sure about Monty and Calvin’s room color but after talking with others we decided to paint the entire room the color they chose…


Here it is the green room! I actually really like it now and am anxious to see it with carpet and furniture in it. This week the carpet is getting delivered and we should be getting it installed on Friday!!!! I can hardly wait. Yeah


Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Lately I have been thinking about my Great Grandma S. She was quite the character. I don’t know what triggered all my thoughts, but I think it was all the painting we have been doing. She use to tell me how to paint the correct way. She would come out to our house and help paint the grainery and I would go to her house to help do things and she would usually correct me. She cracked me up (ok maybe not at the time but now looking back).


Here is Grandma with Monty. She was a very hard worker. She had a huge garden and kept very busy. She said things just like she saw them and didn’t think twice for example when I was a teenager I came over to her house and was talking to her she looked me up and down and proceeded to tell me that I was getting some big hips! :) Oh yes that was my grandma, she said many things like that and we would have to be careful where we were because she would speak her mind. As I sit here and write this I think this was the month she passed away (maybe thats why I keep thinking about her). She was 99 when she died just shy of hitting 100! Wow huh?

My mom who is extremely patient and loving would take all of us to garage sales and grandma would always let us get things no matter what mom would say. She would always tell mom what she thought and again that was not always a good thing. Grandma never really liked girls she preffered boys they could do no wrong in her book, therefore my brothers were her favorites! It drove me nuts for a little bit but then that was just how it was and I didn’t have a problem with it. Even with all her little quirks I totally admired my Grandma and really do miss and love her.


Here’s my dad, me, my dad’s mom and great grandma holding Monty!

Dance Dance Dance!

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Ella started dance again! She absolutely loves dance class. Last year was her first year and she didn’t usually stay in the class the whole time. She would come out and ask me questions and she would watch herself in the mirror and all of a sudden lay on the ground. I was shocked that this time she stayed in there the whole time and listened so well. She was AWESOME. It was so cute and fun.



Mmm Mmm cookies!

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Ella, Calvin and I made oatmeal cookies. It was a nice crisp day and baking is always fun to do on those days :) The kids love to do everything themselves so I try to let them.


Here’s Ella measuring out the baking soda.


Calvie was so excited to use the mixer all by himself. He wore his goggles for pretty much two days straight (even bed). Although it wasn’t a bad idea for when he is using a mixer :)


Enjoying some yummy cookie dough. I know I know not a good idea but I can remember waiting for my mom to finish using the beaters so I could lick it when she was done. :)



Hair pretties

Monday, September 8th, 2008

It is so fun having a little girl who loves to get dressed up and wear dresses or skirts (everyday). She loves to have her nails painted, her hair done, a bag or purse and she loves her shoes! (Ok maybe the shoe thing I rubbed off on her with). Our latest is putting flower barrettes in her hair. We are totally into bows but wanted a little change once in a while so we made some flower barrettes today. She just loves them and I think they are pretty dang cute too. A friend of mine and I talked about it last year but never ended up making them. She however decided to and did just that this weekend, she told me how cute they were and easy so Ella and I spent our day finding the perfect flowers and alligator clips to make these


These all have alligator clips attached to them and of course I had to order a super cute bright colored hanna andersson dress to go with it right???


Here’s Ella posing with one of her new barrettes. She thinks they are great and had to color coordinate this one with her Ariel pajamas!

More basement updates

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Well, we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel! We painted this past weekend and thanks to nana and papa we were able to get a lot done! Thanks sooo much.



Here’s Nana (thinking do I really have to paint this room this color?)


Todd got to use the handy dandy paint machine thingy.


Ella even got to paint her closet! The boys will be painting theirs too, but were too busy playing with their friend.

We were super happy with how the day went and how much we were able to accomplish. We thought forsure one of us would have to stay with the kids the whole time but boy were they ever good. They played so nice and we couldn’t have asked for them to be better behaved. However this is what we came up to…


A big ol mess!! :)

All I want for Xmas…

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Is my 2 front teeth!


Man that last tooth was just hanging on by a thread for 2 days. He really wanted to loose it at school but his teacher told him if he lost it at home he could tell her and he would still get his name on the chart! Thanks to Papa S Ella tried talking me into getting him some icecream so his tooth would come out. I opted for a cookie and out it came he almost swallowed it! He was sooo excited and put it in his handy dandy pillow to wait for the toothfairy.

I just love this look of the missing 2 front teeth but boy oh boy when those big honkers come in I am not a big fan :)

1st day of School!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

What a day! I was so nervous that Monty wasn’t going to want to go but he was so excited that last night he stayed up until after 10:30 because he couldn’t wait. It is now quarter after 10 and the little tyke is still awake because he is so excited to go back. I am going crazy because I know he is going to be sooo tired tomorrow. I am getting to the point that Zach’s advise on bedtime isn’t looking so bad. :)


That is how happy and excited he was this morning. I however had butterflies in my stomach and about fell over walking into his school. He goes to the Montessori charter school and they meet in the middle school so it is huge! He gets to choose from 3 different lunch lines and he has a locker with a LOCKER COMBINATION! I have trouble getting it opened I don’t know how he is going to. I had to really concentrate on what we were doing in there or else I knew I would break down and cry. I am not ready for them to grow up. Man this summer went way too quick.


Here’s Ella all ready for 4K good think it is only 2 1/2 hours or else I would have probably had a nervous breakdown :) She didn’t want me to leave for a while so I got to hang out at her school for an hour, which I was very happy to do. Ella also really enjoyed school and was super excited to tell me about her partner she had.


Then there was Calvie who didn’t know what to do with himself so he put on Ella’s old jacket it was extremely hot out (in 90’s) and the shoes he insisted on having because they were just like Monty’s and grabbed his elmo Easter basket and played outside. I couldn’t stay outside with him very long because it was so humid and hot so I watched him from the window and kept asking him to come in. I think he really missed his brother and sister. We did go to storyhour at the library and went out to lunch so we had a nice time.