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Happy Birthday Dad!

Thursday, January 29th, 2009


Today (Jan. 30) would be my dad’s birthday. It has been a little over 3 months since he passed away. A lot of people say it will get easier, but boy it just seems to keep getting harder. I miss him so much, words cannot express the sorrow I feel. My dad would be turning 61. What a life he had! He accomplished so much in his 60 years. I totally looked up to him. He was such an inspiration. I miss our daily chats and his silly, funny, goofy, annoying, quircky ways :)  He was so funny and would say some crazy things (just ask my mom :)) I often try not to think of a lot of that stuff because it is so hard to think about but it is also hard not to. I have so many wonderful memories I wish it were easier to think about them. I think it would be suitable to share a few stories that bring a smile to my face.

When I was in grade school and was sick my dad wrote a note to the school giving me permission to be gone. The following day when I took it to school the secretary took my note and then had me sit down while she showed the principal. They then asked me if I wrote the note I told them I didn’t but they called my dad because they said it looked like a kids writing. What a goof ball. He also told me his name was Sir Frederick John James Stublaski the Great. I being very gullible believed him and that is how he signed his note so I am sure that didn’t help any. :)  Dad loved to embarrass me and boy was he good at it :)

Well I guess thats all I can share at this time I didn’t realize how hard his birthday was going to be I am sure with time I will be able to share more and will be happy to, but right now I must stop.

I look forward to blogging tomorrow on mom’s bday so I can share a little about how amazing she is. Yes Todd’s birthday is on the 29, Dad’s the 30 and Mom’s the 31.

Happy Happy Birthday Dad. WE MISS AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

My Birthday

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Wow!  That’s all I can say.  I have got the best wife in the whole world.  Today is my birthday.  I’m 31 for those who care.  There couldn’t have been a better start to the day.  Let me start at the beginning.

As most of you know, I’ve been running a tight ship around here lately (well, always).  Financially that is.  Charity and I really skimp on gifts for each other so that we can use the money elsewhere.  I’m one who likes to save everything I get, so birthday presents, christmas gifts and such tend to be more creative.

So for my birthday my wife had a date planned.  She wouldn’t tell me what we were doing, so I was left guessing.  For almost 2 full weeks I was trying to guess what we were doing.  This was to be our time to spend together for my birthday.  I guessed everything from skiing, snowshoeing, movie and watching the Badger State Games.  I was wrong.  She gave me very few hints.  Finally I found out that it was in Rib Mountain and that we would be outside, but I wouldn’t need a hat or gloves.  The temperature was -3 degrees, not including the wind chill that night.  I thought she was crazy.  Just when I knew I had it figured out (badger state games) she took a different turn…into a spa!?!!  I laughed, good joke Charity!  I said I’m not going in there and I knew she was bluffing.  She played it out to it’s fullest, got out of the van and walked towards the entrance.  Finally I came just to make her not feel so silly about her joke.  She walked into the building, which surprised me.  As we entered, the lady at the counter said “You must be Charity”.  Ahh, what?  No way.  I was not getting a massage.  I just didn’t feel too comfortable with that idea.  We had to sign some things and then the lady asked, “do you want anything to drink?”  I’m thinking, is this lady nuts?  How am I supposed to drink something when I’m laying on my stomach with my face buried in some towel or something.  I gave her the most sarcastic “No” I could muster up at the time.  We were escorted to a room.  At that point the lady left, and the room was a bathroom.  Now I’m thinking, did Charity get a room by the hour??  Just when my mind is starting to think how crazy she is, she pulls out our swimsuits.  Ahh, it’s a hot tub.  Ok, I can take that.  We change into our swimsuits and I proceed out the door.  Much to my surprise, the hot tub is outside!  I didn’t think there was anyway I was going in that thing, but I did.  We couldn’t even touch the rails entering the pool because our hand stuck to it.  We stayed in there for an hour, talking like we haven’t been able to talk together in months.  It was fun.

So then for my birthday, today, in December she informs me that she is going to need $150 from our budget for my birthday present.  I enthusiastically tell her “No!”, there is nothing I want or need that would cost that much.  I reluctantly tell her that I’ll make the money available.  Of course, I’m trying to guess what she possibly could have gotten me for $150 and I’m preparing her for me telling her thanks, but I really don’t need it.

Meanwhile, Charity is, as Amy B puts it, scheming.  She’s working her tail off, making mittens so she can afford to pay for this gift of mine, which turns out is not $150, but probably around $1000.

I made a few attempts to find out what the gift was by talking with my sister-in-law and Amy B.  I pretended like I had already received it.  Neither would break, luckily, but Amy was pretty dang close!  So this morning I wake up and head to my office (across the hall from my bedroom) to find a new chair, all put together and still wrapped in the plastic, with my lovely wife and Monty hiding behind my desk.  I’m in shock because it looks like a Herman Miller Aeron Chair.  In case you don’t know, they are the very best chairs available!  Of course, it must be an imitation, right? Right??  Turns out it isn’t.  I’m in utter disbelief.  Here’s my new chair!!

Aeron Side

And another shot from the front!

Aeron Front

So Charity schemed and worked with our great neighbors Nick and Kari to get me this most magnificent Chair!  I’m lovin’ it!  Thank you Charity!  Just the other day I was thinking about how my cheap best buy chair isn’t going to last much longer with me sitting in it for 8 - 10 hours a day, everyday.  I love it and I love you!!

My New Little Niece!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Yeah I am so excited! My sister, Bea had her baby today. She had a beautiful baby girl, Laney. She is 9lbs 6oz and she looks just like my sister looked when she was born. A ton of jet black hair. She is just darling. The kids loved her too of course. Monty was upset because he didn’t get to go see her (he was in school). We are looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow. :)