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Thursday with M & J

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

So on Thursday we did the whole summer school swim lessons thing and then Monty stayed at a friend house so he could go to soccer that evening and Marci, Jenna, Ella, Calvin, Ollie and I went to the Dells of Eau Claire to meet with a high school friend Korina. We were able to meet Korina’s son Roan and see her 12 year old daughter Olivia again! It was so much fun.


It was so fun catching up and just hanging out we had Erbs and Gerbs for dinner just like the good ol’ days!


Roan dug a hole and Ella of course stayed right by him!


Ollie is very clingy to me so when Jenna came over to push him on the swing he got all upset. She is so sweet and felt bad so she kept trying to get him to smile at her and finally after awhile she was able to push him on the swing and he loved it.


The kids went exploring on the rocks. Ok now I know how my parents felt when we would go exploring. I was a nervous nelly watching them. Especially little daredevils Roan and Jenna


and Ollie!

Again another great day.

Wednesday with M & J

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

So on Wednesday we did the usual swim lessons and summer school running around, but then my dear friend, April took the kids so Marci, Jenna, Ella and I were able to go get pedicures!


Here are the happy girls with the nail polish they picked out. They were so excited.


Here is Marci and Jenna soaking their feet. They even let the kids put their feet in the spa.


Here’s Jenna getting her feet painted.


Here’s Ella drying her nails. They turned out so cute both girls got cute flowers put on too.


Finished product!

Later that evening Todd watched the kiddos and Marci and I went shopping!!


Tuesday with Marci & Jenna

Monday, July 27th, 2009

So as I said in a previous blog Marci and Jenna came to visit from NC. We had so much fun. We stayed up super late everynight and just had a blast. On Tuesday we went to Amy’s in-laws cottage and spent the day playing in the water, swimming, boating and having a wonderful day.


Here is the adorable cottage!


The kids thought it was the neatest thing that they were able to go out in the paddle boats and kayaks by themselves.


Monty spent a lot of time in the kayak. Ella tried it too but didn’t get the hang of it so she ended up out a ways and needed help getting back.


Marci and Jenna enjoyed time in the kayak too. Jenna also really liked pulling Marci around in it.


Amy’s in-laws came in a pontoon boat and took us all out for a ride and brought yummy ice cream for all too. It was so fun and so nice of them.



It got pretty chilly so the kids bundled up in towels, but Ella was just a shakin so Amy warmed her up. We had so much fun and look forward to hopefully doing it again next year. Thanks so much Amy, Sandra and Dale!

I scream You scream We all scream for….

Monday, July 27th, 2009



We had a fun evening with cousins. We heard the ice cream truck and I told the kiddos if they were able to make it stop I would get them all some ice cream. The ice cream truck didn’t see us so it kept going so after awhile we decided to get in the van and try to go find it. We did :)


This face made it all totally worth it! :)

Fun in MN!

Monday, July 27th, 2009

We had a wonderful family vacation in MN. We decided that all the money we got from our garage sale we would use for a fun family vacation. After making $700!! Woo Woo we figured out we could stay at a hotel for 3 nights and do some fun things in MN.


We went to this super great restaurant that was family style. This was a kids meal! All the kids were able to share 1 meal. The food was superb.


Then it was off to lego land (Monty’s choice) where he of course spent all his money :)


He loved it! Then we went to the American girl shop where Ella spent all her money.


Ella had her doll Laney check out the other dolls and they picked our newest addition Isabella to our family :) She’s the one on the left of Laney in the pic.


We also spent a day going on ridesj. Oliver did not want to get off the train. He was really into it. Calvin was so excited to go on the rides he didn’t even want to spend his money he just wanted to go on the rides.



Calvin really wanted to go on the log ride, however when he got up there he changed his mind. Ella loved it. Monty wasn’t so sure.


We spent one day at the aquarium.

On our way back we were able to stop at some friends house. The kids had a blast too.


Here is their daughter E. We had a wonderful visit. Thanks guys. 

Our trip was superb. Fun was had by all. The kids can’t wait to have another garage sale next year :)

Fun Fun Fun!!

Friday, July 24th, 2009

We have been extremely busy because my best friend Marci is here!!!!!!! I am so loving it :) I am excited to post all our adventures and fun. We have been staying up super late every night and laughing. She leaves on Monday so after she is gone I will post more with pics :)

Camping fun

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Like I said we had a great time camping. The kids absolutely loved it. The days flew by, it was crazy.


We rode bike all over the kids thought it was great. Monty and his friend Jason were so excited because they were given a lot more independence this year, they were able to ride their bike’s around the loop all by themself! They absolutely loved it. They also were able to take the smaller kids around. Calvin and Logan would try so hard to keep up with them that they would absolutely terrify us, their feet couldn’t keep up with the pedals and I don’t know how many times we thought they were going to flip over. Especially Logan who doesn’t have training wheels and his whole bike would wobble it was so scary we couldn’t even watch him.

We also went crayfishing again the kids loved it.


Monty was very serious about his crayfishing.


Here’s Ella checking out all the crayfish. I am pretty sure she didn’t catch any, but still had a lot of fun following the boys around and watching them put their crayfish in the bucket.


Check out all those crayfish! I think Calvie was upset because it was time to go. We got 2 buckets and cooked up all of them. Yum Yum!


Here is Ollie fishing. Need I say more? :)

 We had wonderful food over the campfire and lots of smores. It was so fun, however like I said before we did have one minor disaster. Ollie loves to grab Calvie’s glasses and throw them and he did that this time they landed in the campfire that had been going all day. Needless to say we had to order another pair!

All in all a wonderful time was had! :)

4th of July fun!

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Well every 4th of July week we camp at a nearby state park. We had a lot of fun. I took lots of pics before my camera totally stopped working, but I just went to download them and they are not there they are just all black shots. I am so frustrated. I will never buy a Kodak again. Argh it has been trouble since I purchased it, at least I have a warranty until I can buy something better. Thankfully April took lots of pics so I will get those from her and share a lot of adventures with you. Things soon to come….crayfishing, canoeing, biking, fireworks, and of course a little disaster so stay tuned :)