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Friday, September 4th, 2009

Ok so my cousin had this on her blog and I decided to join in on the fun. Funny thing is I was just talking about these great diaper clutches with some friends and now I am so glad I have an actual tutorial I could follow if I wanted. Just go check out milk and honey designs to find out more about it. Yay!

Bitter Sweet

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Today is a bitter sweet day. Ella this morning asked if I could come and eat lunch with her at school. It made me feel so good because I asked Monty last year over and over if I could come eat lunch with him and he didn’t want anything to do with it. Todd has been so busy with work so he hasn’t been able to really take lunch breaks so I was just going to take the 2 little ones with me but my OUTSTANDING neighbor watched them for me so I could spend the time with just Ella. It was so great she held my hand and gave me tons of hugs. Monty even played with us at recess. It was wonderful.

I decided to do some canning. I picked up a box of tomatoes at the farmers market. I was going to do it with some friends, but just felt like I needed to do this batch alone or with my two little helpers because my memories of canning tomatoes include my dad. I can remember my sister Bea and I at my parents house canning the whole day. I was 8 months pregnant and I even think Bea was newly pregnant or had a little one along with her. We had a wonderful day we picked on our dad almost as much as he picked on us. We ended up making like 40 some quarts. It was the best. Then mom got home from work and couldn’t believe how many we did, dad was grinning from ear to ear, of course we didn’t let him know how much fun we actually had but we knew he knew:) I knew there would be many tears shed today and there sure was. However I had my super little helpers.


Calvie watched me blanch the tomatoes and everytime their skin would break he would let me know. Ollie played in the water and was a super helper with making me scrub my floor because by the time he was done the floor was drenched. :) Calvie also was sure to get in on the water fun. :)


We ended up doing 11 quarts of yummy tomatoes. Yay!! Last year at this time my friend, Michelle and I canned tomatoes and we ended up having to call my dad for advice and he of course picked on me for it and said how he wished he could be canning with us. (He had a broken leg and things were just too hard). Boy how I wish I could have called him today.

The 1st day of School and….

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009


these two little stinkers kept me more busy than ever. :) I didn’t realize what big helpers Monty and Ella were until I had a day alone with these little stinkers. I just had to make sure to keep them busy. We went for a walk and played at the park for a long time.


Monty wanted to ride his bike to school today. We ended up leaving later than we had planned so the other 3 kiddos and I had to run with the stroller. Monty had a really good day he really likes his teacher, but he sure was tired today after school. I really struggle with the extremely short evenings though. I feel like we eat and then they have to get ready for bed.


Ella was so excited for school she went to bed super good around 7:30 they both set their alarm clocks and couldn’t wait. Monty couldn’t fall asleep so at 9:30 he went into Ella’s room and woke her up telling her it was time for school she jumped up because she was so excited and then Monty told her he was tricking her. Upstairs we heard this awful scream coming from Ella I ran downstairs to her crying that she wanted to go to school. Needless to say Monty got in trouble and Ella fell back to sleep.

Ella could barely stand it this morning she said, “Mom, I am so exciting because today is the first day of school can you even believe it?” It made me feel so good that she was so excited.

I still can’t believe I have a 2nd grader and kindergartener! Yowsers.