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It brought a tear to my eye

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Lately the kids have been cooped up in the house because it was too cold so they were getting on everyone’s nerves. I feel like sometimes all I do is yell and I cannot stand that I will wake up in the morning and tell myself that I am not going to yell and within 5 minutes I am already yelling at them either to hurry up, pick up their stuff, be nice, don’t hit, or this one is often yelled at my house OLLIE. Anyway you get the drift well today in the van on the way home from school Monty got a little sassy so I took away his computer time and that just got him more upset so I just started taking away more and more. Each day if he gets his homework done and does his chores he can play a half hour of lego starwars on the computer. Well I went a little overboard and took away 2 weeks of computer time I know I know I wasn’t thinking I was just upset. After we got home Monty and I sat down and talked about his behavior and we did his homework and then I told him he could earn back some of the days I took away (now I would not normally do this but I realize I was a little out of control when I took the days away) Well he started working and then Ella joined right in and Calvie too. We had an awesome afternoon we cleaned the upstairs no one fought. Monty really distracted Ollie when needed and so on I was so happy. It made the whole day better. So tonight at supper Ella had the prayer and in it she said, “Thank you so much for such a great family. Thank you for all our love.” Just as Ella finished saying that part Calvie gave her a huge hug and then continued to fold his eyes and listen to her prayer. After the prayer Ella said, “I know Calvie loves me because he gave me a big hug.” She had a huge smile. And so my friends I was very touched and had a tear in my eye. I had to write this down real fast for those other days when I may need to read it again :).

I must say I totally agree with Ella I do have a great family and I too am so grateful for all our love.

And the winner is…

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

April! You won a pair of super warm mittens! I will get in contact with you. Way to go. Thanks to all those who participated.

4 years ago…

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

…I had this little tyke!


Yes today is Calvie’s birthday! Look at all his hair he had the most hair of all my kiddos the others pretty much didn’t have any.


Monty and Ella were so excited to get a new little brother. They loved holding him and they really were big helpers.


Here he is on his 1st birthday. He was always so smiley!


Just before he turned 2 his little brother Oliver came along. Calvin loved helping out with Ollie he was always hugging and holding him. I thought it was so cute.


When Calvie turned 3 we found out he needed glasses like his big brother. 

Today he is 4! I still cannot believe it. He is still smiley, huggy and very loving. He still loves to constantly touch his little brother who doesn’t find that so cute which ends up in a wrestling match where sensitive little Calvie loses every time. Calvin loves to play with play-doh, trains, light sabers, and especially his friend, Gracie. He reminds me of me when I was little he seems so innocent and so sweet but he has a very mischievous side to him and loves to instigate things (Mom says that is exactly how I was :)) Calvie sure keeps us smiling and is such a wonderful little boy. I love how he loves to cuddle. I am sure glad he is part of our family! Happy Happy Birthday dear Calvie. We love you!



Monday, December 7th, 2009

As these cold days are quickly coming I bet you would love to get a pair of warm wool mittens. Well its your lucky day. As most of you may know I make and sell mittens and so does my great friend Sue. Well good ol’ Sue is having a mitten give away.  All you have to do is go on over to her blog and leave a comment.

If you say you got to her blog from mine I will put your name in MY DRAWING.  I will draw my name after Sue draws hers on Saturday! I know I know its a bit confusing but all you have to do is go to Sue’ s blog right here and put a comment on her blog and make sure to add my name or blog even if you don’t know me! I will go to her blog and enter anyone that put my name down in MY drawing and you have 2 chances to win awesome mittens. :) If you don’t win and really want a pair I sell them :) They are $25 but because I love people reading and especially commenting on my blog I will sell them to you for $20!


So the low down…

  1. Follow Sue’s rules to enter her Mitten drawing.
  2. Include my name/blog on your comment on Sue’s drawing.
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Happy drawing :)