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A visit from the “fairies”

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

SO on Sunday at church Shara gave an awesome lesson on helping out at home, she told all of us how when she was younger, she and her brother would clean up the house for their parents and leave little notes from “the fairies”. Well on Sunday’s Todd and I try to take a Sunday nap So I got the bright idea of telling my kiddos about it (hint hint) Ella’s eyes lit up and she said, “Mom and Dad you can go take your nap now”. Todd and I had big smiles on our faces and went to bed. We could hear the kids making noise in the living room, which was especially messy with clothes and toys all over because the morning was such a hectic one. Well we took our naps and Ella came in our room saying, “mom I can’t wait for you to come out here the fairies came to our house.” I was super excited I walked out to this



Little post it notes all over the place I would have shown all of the pics of them, however chose not to since the house was still a MESS! Ella was super excited and said, “Mom looks like our fairies only leave notes” Yep leave it to the 5 year old!

Disney Princesses on Ice

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010



Here’s little Miss Ella and Bella all ready to go see the princesses! Check out those super cute super twirly skirts and adorable crown shirts. Bella’s mom, Amy made those! She is amazing and is opening up an online store soon. Don’t worry I will be posting it as soon as I am given the ok. :)


Before the show the girls were able to go pick out something. They had some super cute crowns that lit up, pretty much anything super girly and ridiculously expensive but anyway I told her she could pick out 1 thing. She chose the BEAST?!! That little turkey.


The show was super good. We had a great time.


Afterwards we went to Olive Garden. We had an awesome surprise. We really wanted to visit with Nana & Papa while we were in GB but couldn’t because of time Todd and I had plans that evening at church so it was just a quick visit. Ella was sad when I told her. We were thrilled when they walked into Olive Garden!!!! We all had lunch together and had a super great time.


Ice Skating

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Monty, Ella and I went ice skating the other night with the youth from church. Our dear friends Emma and Biene came too and they were so awesome and helpful with Monty and Ella.


Here’s Emma helping Ella get on her skates.


Neither Monty or Ella have ever gone ice skating so they were super excited but also extremely nervous. Emma totally helped Ella and was so good with her and things were going great until I wanted to help and Ella grabbed onto me because I am not as good as Emma at skating I went down and hurt my elbow. It was so painful! So after that poor little Ella was afraid to go back on the ice.


So this was Ella the rest of the time sitting on the bench. :(

Monty was so excited he kept going around right next to the side. He was really struggling but wouldn’t give up.


This is pretty much the only picture I got of Monty everytime we took out the camera he would get upset and hide. Man oh man. Biene and Emma again kept giving Monty words of encouragment and made it so fun for them.


Friday, February 12th, 2010

Todd has been gone for 2 weeks now for work thankfully he is able to come home on weekends but while he is gone the boys and I are in charge of shoveling. Ok so don’t come check out my driveway because we have not done a good job at it but we did shovel once does that count?



Here’s little Ollie shoveling he absolutely loves it.



Here is Calvie hard at work. He kept switching shovels.

This makes me smile.

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

New shoes: $9.99


 corsage: $16.00


dress: $25.00


tickets: $34.00


Ella and her dad having a wonderful evening!



Johanna Mays

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

I had a really nice birthday except Todd is out of town :( However my wonderful sister, Bea came up the day before to spend the day with me and took me out for yummy mexican we had a super great time and then on my bday my awesome friends, Amy and Sue took me out to lunch to I absolutely love that place! YUMMY. Gma Judy took Ella and I there for a very special luncheon. It was so special and great, I knew my friends would love it so I kept telling them about it. :) It was super fun we had such a grand time.


This is Johanna Mays isn’t it the cutest?


Here’s Amy and Sue with their fancy tea! They have the best herbal tea selection when I went with Judy I got a cherry vanilla yum! This time I had a pear it was also very good but I must say the cherry vanilla is my favorite.


Here we are after our awesome lunch. I had the warm croissant with ham, turkey, granny smith apples, blackberry preserves and gouda cheese. Oh man it was heavenly. Thank you Amy and Sue for wonderful birthday memories and an awesome lunch. Thanks to Gma Judy for introducing me to this wonderful place. I highly recommend it.