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Ollie Pop!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

As most of you know Ollie is a typical 2yr old. He is constantly on the go. There is never a dull moment here thanks to him. He loves to sneak outside, go in the fridge, freezer leave the doors open pull food out and eat part of it. He does it so fast too he is like a little tornado I feel like I cannot get much of anything done when he’s awake and since he doesn’t nap anymore I usually stay up later than I like to clean up. Anyway Ollie also is a very independent funny little boy. He will change his clothes many times a day (reminds me of Ella) and he knows what he wants to wear so pretty much I pick my battles. For example yesterday he wore bright red rainboots to church with his adorable Easter outfit. When we got home he put on a police officer dress up and his red boots while I was getting more bubbles and colored chalk out for outside this is what I was greeted with.



Guess he wanted to wear a tutu too. :) He sure cracks us up

Some good ol’ Mommy/daughter time

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Lately Ella and I have been able to hang out together. It has been so fun. She cracks me up. We are both currently taking a dance class at Heidi’s dance and are preparing for our big recital in May. Oh yes you read that right I am in a dance class!! I know, I know its crazy, but I absolutely love it. However I do NOT love the idea of getting on stage in a costume especially a dance costume. The whole idea of getting on stage dancing isn’t whats making me nervous its wearing that darn costume. Anyway we just had to get all dressed up to get pics taken. Ella is in tap and I am in a jazz class.



Okay I must say I did Love my hair that day because I got it done by Kendra at Blonde and Beyond here in Wausau and she is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks Kendra!

Ella and I have also been busy for our big debut in a roadshow for our church. We were in it for a few seconds but again it was so fun. Ella and I were both aliens. Ella decided to be a dog alien and I was well just a crazy alien. It was extremely fun. I wish I could have talked the boys into doing it with us.


Yep I know that looks more like me huh? :) Tee Hee

This is for you Bea!

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Well my sister is in Costa Rica! That lucky dog. :) Here she is getting herself a well deserved pedicure before she goes on her trip. Bea, I got your message and am not sure how to get ahold of you so I am just putting it on my blog because I know you are reading it or at least you better be :)


Just want you to know I talked to Cade today and he sounded great! Grandpa sounded wonderful too he said they were having a great time. They were reading scriptures and just about to say their night prayers when I called. Well I hope you are having an AWESOME time in Costa Rica! The pics look great.  Miss you!!

Monty’s 1st Pinewood derby

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

and he got 3rd place!!!!!


He was super excited. Way to go Monty!!

Ella turns 6

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Oh yes October starts off the birthdays in our house and it seems like we celebrate until March! This year Ella wanted to take “sushi” to school for her snack and she thought it was a riot when her teacher told the class that Ella brought raw fish for snack. I help out in her class on Tuesdays so it worked out perfect because I was able to spend the morning with her. She had the biggest smile and if I wouldn’t have been there I think she would have let all the kids really think it was raw fish!


 It is actually fruiti sushi and is very sweet the ingredients include: fruit roll ups, rice chex, white chocolate chips, and gummy worms.

Ella couldn’t wait to pick out her birthday dinner and chose Texas Roadhouse so she could ride the saddle! Monty chose Buffalo wild wings on his birthday and was happy they didn’t make a big deal of it. Ella on the other hand wanted the complete opposite she couldn’t wait to tell the waitress it was her birthday.


All my pictures of her on the saddle turned out blurry:( Hopefully my awesome in-laws got a good pic.  Ella is a very spunky little girl who is 100% girly girl. She loves glitter,dress up clothes and shoes, American girls and of course their puppies too. She has an extremely sharp high pitched voice at times and most of the time is very outgoing. She brings us so much joy.

Monty turned 8!!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Yowsers I still cannot believe that I have an 8 yr old already. Where oh where does all the time go? Turning 8 is a huge deal in our house because it means if you choose to, you can get baptized! We were so happy Monty chose to get baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.




I ordered Monty’s cake from Shara and it was absolutely amazing. Not only did it taste great just look at it.


Click this to see what CTR means.  What a special day. Monty absolutely amazes us everyday. He can be a bit of a handful at times but is also one of the sweetest, most thoughtful boys I know. I love how he really thinks about other people and their feelings. He loves any type of video game and has really taken to reading on his own.