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Now this is the way to camp!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Over memorial weekend we decided to go camping. We had a blast and let me tell you it was so relaxing. We arrived to our destination and there was Todd’s parents camper all set up and ready for us! They came the day earlier to set it up. We were pleasantly surprised that they said they wanted to bring it up for us. They had all the bedding laid out, dishes, picnic table with table cloth on, a little folder with things to do around the area that Len had printed up and a beautiful vase of flowers for me! I mean seriously it was AWESOME.


 So we did not have to set anything up. Oh they even had out all the lawn chairs for each one of us. We had so much fun and we were able to even talk my in-laws to come and spend a night there with us! It was Great.


We ended up going to check out the lake and the kids decided to take a little dip! They were so excited to go in with their clothes on they thought it was great.


We went to a great little ice cream shop in town. Yum! We also enjoyed watermelon Nana and Papa brought.





We also ended up going to see some waterfalls and climb some rocks. Todd and I were nervous wrecks watching the kids climb around. It sure brought back many memories of us kids climbing around the bad lands and my mom was practically crying because she was so nervous. I now can relate!



We also told “scary” stories around the campfire. The kids were hilarious. It was so fun to listen to their stories. Calvie would retell everyone’s story and he was so pleased with himself. Too cute. I do think Papa told the scariest one with his very creepy glowing eyes!


 Anyway it was a wonderful camping trip. Thanks so much Nana and Papa for all your hard work. We greatly appreciated it.