Othello Grandmaster

Often at night Charity and I enjoy playing some games. Most recently we’ve been playing the Big Brain Academy and Othello. Othello, what a wonderful game! I enjoy Othello because it requires one to think. Tonight Charity and I played 2 games of Othello. I’m not sure, but I may be an Othello Grandmaster. The 1st game we played of the 64 spaces on the board my white team had 57 of the spaces covered. Then the second game… what a game. Here’s how we ended. No one could go, with 3 chips left. See for yourself (I’m white again, that’s Charity in the black).  Don’t be afraid to click on the picture for a more detailed view!



To be fair, Charity was holding Oliver the second game. It really is no excuse however. He wasn’t crying or anything. I’m enjoying this win greatly!

3 Responses to “Othello Grandmaster”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wow, Todd! You must be the greatest that ever lived. I bet no one could ever beat you. Maybe someone should alert the makers of Othello.

  2. SueBoo Says:

    What a geek…I mean, you’re super cool Todd!

  3. Rusrek Says:

    But even then, I was starting to think that I really wanted to try my hand at writing a novel. It took me a few years to sit down and actually start writing fiction. It took even longer to get it published.

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