Morning is always an interesting time at our house for example today the kids kept wanting to hug Ollie.  Hugging Oliver means laying on top of him for Calvin and holding him while walking around for Ella.  I didn’t shower early enough so I knew I needed to take Oliver in the bathroom with me or else there could be trouble.  I took him in and put him in his bouncy seat while I showered and locked the door (like that matters since Ella is a pro at picking the lock).  Everything was great and I got out ran to my bedroom to get something and came back to this.


poor Oliver was scared half out of his mind because Ella decided to try and pick out an outfit for him but wanted to see what they would look like on (at least thats what she said).  So for the few seconds I was gone she had already pulled out 3 things for him to try on.  Im thinking the leopard leotard what do you think?

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  1. Kim Says:

    Like I said recently… Ella needs a little sister;). Maybe a girls would enjoy playing dress-ups a little more.

  2. SueBoo Says:

    That vest looks a tad too big for him!

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