That’s my Dad or should I say Daddy ;)

What can I say about my dad?  He is amazing!  He has been through sooo much in his life but continues to have a great attitude and inner strength.  Well he is having another trial which WILL make him stronger.  He fell down a couple of weeks ago and broke 4 ribs after a few days of pain he went in and they confirmed that he broke his ribs and had an infection under his rib cage.  Well Friday he decided to go to Marshfield to get his medicine, which he could have sent to him, but any of you that know him know he is way too independent to allow that so he went there and fell again.  This time he broke his leg above his knee and because of all his health conditions he is unable to get the surgery he needs so instead they put a cast on it and he cannot put any weight or pressure on it for 6 weeks.  Since they can’t do the surgery his leg will now be about an inch and a half shorter.  They are planning on putting him in a nursing home when he gets out of the hospital, but of course he will fight that with every fiber of his being.  My sister and her husband (bless them) said they would take him in while he recovers but stubborn dad won’t go for that either.  He is planning on going home.  I must say my mom is a saint and an extraordinary individual that she didn’t even bat an eyelash thinking about it.  I know she could handle it, I don’t know how but she does.  Anyway everything is up in the air as of now but I will keep you posted. 


Here’s my dad!  I take my camera everywhere and when I pulled it out to take a pic for my blog I thought he would say no way, but instead he started to fix his hair :)  I’m not sure if he was just in too much pain to even realize what he was doing or if he was at the point that he just didn’t care.  He was on dialysis so they couldn’t give him any pain medicine because they figured it wouldn’t help anyway while he was doing the dialysis so he was in extreme pain and kept shaking from the pain.  It just makes me so sad that he has all these struggles.  He again looked at the positive and told us all about how my adorable nephew, Ivan had to give him a kiss and how cute he is and how his sweet sister SayLea cried for her Bappa the night before.  I know these grandchildren brighten his life and that makes me feel good.  Any of you that may read this please keep my dad in your prayers.  Thank you.

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  1. Kim Says:

    We just heard about your dads falls… we’re praying that he will have a speedy recovery. He really has an amazing attitude, and it makes it so easy to love him.

  2. SueBoo Says:

    Charity, you and your Daddy have an amazing relationship. You are so lucky. I’ll pray for him and his recovery, and also for you. Love, Sue

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