I love Daddy because…


Monty says…. 

I love daddy because he plays with me and he always gives me respect and he teaches me and helps me fix stuff and teach others and thank you for plays wrestling with me and always makes me feel better and he teached me how to take care of my toys and to take care of my pets and my favorite things.  My favorite is my family and my race cars and my plane and my race car that Calvin broke and ps my favorite thing is my family and taking care of Oliver and my sister and Calvin.  I love you daddy Happy Birthday.


Ella says…

Daddy lets me play wrestling and he loves to play race cars with me and ring around the rosey and babies and he loves to go on a trip and opening presents and he helps me.  He loves us then he loves us then all of those things and daddy let me buy a horsie.  My dad lets me play rocks and trucks like those kind of trucks.  Mine love my daddy.  Happy Birthday

4 Responses to “I love Daddy because…”

  1. the martin's Says:

    Happy birthday Todd
    from the Martin’s

  2. Zach Says:

    Happy birthday Todd …..so do you feel older?

  3. Kim Says:

    Happy Birthday! Your kids are adorable… what a treasure to have their words in writing.

  4. SueBoo Says:

    Happy Birthday to the Othello Grandmaster!

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