Let’s make a cake.

Monty wanted to make a cake today after church so I told him that we could well he decided to get started without me:)


Yep thats right there’s sugar, water and banana’s.  He wanted to add chocolate and then microwave it.  Instead we ended up making some cupcakes and a small personal cake for Monty:) His bday is on the 24 and he can barely wait that is where all the cake talk came from.

Before church I took a picture of the kids.  Their cousin Gavyn came to visit so that is him in there too.  Doesn’t he have a great smile! Sooo cute. :)


5 Responses to “Let’s make a cake.”

  1. Kristi Says:

    awwwww…I love it! How cute!!!

  2. SueBoo Says:

    Love the matching outfits!

  3. Sonja Says:

    mmmmm…bananas, sugar and chocolate. That seriously sounds yummy.
    The making of a great chef! He shows promise. :)

  4. Kim Says:

    Love the cake… isn’t funny how kids just assume they know all there is to know about the kitchen?

  5. summer Says:

    Monty Aunt Summer’s Birthday is in Dec. can’t wait to try your famous cake!!!

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