Papa and Tractor

So my dad calls Oliver tractor because they use to have an Oliver tractor and he thought it was great. Whenever he hears the word Oliver he thinks of his tractor interesting huh?!


Here they are hanging out. Dad can get into his wheelchair so he is happy about that but he can’t do much of anything else. Today we went to visit him and the nurse came out to check on him his foot is awful so now he needs to go see a surgeon on Friday. One heel is totally black and the other one is all fleshy looking and black. Yuck! It is so sad to see him go through all of this yet he remains in good spirits. Mom is a saint and deals with everything. I really don’t know how she does it. She lives on very little sleep and is constantly helping others. It makes me tired just thinking about all the things she does. The kids were super good while we were there they get excited because they get to watch Uncle Zach’s He-Man movies and play with Uncle Adam and Uncle Zach’s old He-man toys. We were hoping to meet up with Bea and her kiddos but it didn’t work out this time. Today is Cade’s birthday! Happy 1st birthday Cade!!! He wasn’t feeling well today poor little guy. Well it was a very eventful day. It was super nice seeing Mom and Dad (Nana and Papa)

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