Christmas Tree

Well we put up our Christmas tree last night!  We got it on Monday at a great place here in Wausau.  We cut it down ourself.  Monty picked it out and was so excited that he found the bestest Christmas tree:)  Well Calvie was thrilled by all the ornaments and kept screeching at the top of his lungs everytime I unwrapped a new ornament. 

Monty was a great help and he was very careful and asked if each ornament he put up was his and wanted to hear all about when he got it or whose it was. 


Ella showed Ollie all the ornaments she put up and would say, “Ollie isn’t it so beautiful”.  It was lots of fun.


By the end we had a full tree that had ornaments all in the same area and a little boy (Calvin) who decided it was easier to just throw the ornaments at the tree! 

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