Just a week early

Well, the new baby Gasall is keeping us on our toes already.  Today Charity had her final doctors appointment.  Over the weekend she wasn’t feeling the baby move that much.  We contemplated going in, but soon after she felt the baby move so we felt better about it.  She told her doctor about this.  Immediately his jaw dropped.  He setup a stress test for her.  Depending on the outcome of the test he said we were either going to have the baby today or Wednesday.  Well, the test went well, so we are all set for Wednesday.  This is a week earlier than we originally had planned.  She had a C-Section scheduled for Oct. 24.  We just roll with the punches.

In light of the early departure of our child (I’ll let you know what it is as soon as I find out!) I am taking the next 2 days off of work.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am planning on helping Charity with anything and everything she wants.  She’s pretty nervous about this (rightfully so!) and wants everything to be in order before Wednesday.  Hopefully I can get us there!

My Mom and Dad are coming tomorrow after Dad is done with work.  The kids are really excited about that.  Mom will be staying through Saturday to watch the kids.  Charity will most likely get out of the hospital on Saturday.  I’ll be staying with her in the hospital at night and then heading to work during the day.  I’ll come back to the hospital after work.  Of course I’ll be stopping home to see the kids (and Mom) as well.  I am taking next week off and then working from home (hopefully!) after that.

For Family Home Evening tonight we talked about the new baby.  I think the kids are really excited about it.  Monty and Ella really want to help out with it.  Monty says he’ll get up with the baby at night and rock and feed it.  I think Mom would like that!  Calvin will keep the baby on it’s toes.  He’ll be poking it’s eyes out and grabbing it’s ears.  For our activity for FHE we went to the bookstore to pick up a baby book and then to target to get diapers and wipes.  Not the normal activity for FHE, but we had a good time being together and preparing for the new addition.

Calvin did have a rough, rough day.  The contractor working on our staircase got the steps on today.  After they left he was playing on them and fell down.  He’s got a big bump on his head, but he lived.  At target, Ella was eating pizza while Calvin was running back and forth on the bench in the food court.  He took one extra step and fell right off.  I’m sure he’ll have a big bump from that one.

Now it’s time to get some sleep so we can get a ton done tomorrow.   I’ll try to post some pictures of our stairs (we aren’t that thrilled with them) and will definitely post pictures of the baby once we get some.


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  1. Mendez Family Says:

    He is so adorable. AND you guys are CRAZY!!!!!
    I am so excited for all of you and I love how interested and excited all the kids are, (some showing it more than others!)

    Monty~No matter how much you don’t show it, we know that you LOVE your new baby brother. Just think, now you’re a big brother for the third time!!!!!

    Ella~You are going to be such a great big sister, and such a great little helper and we know you’ll also continue keeping Mom and Dad on their toes.

    Calvin~Speaking of toes… your job is to keep tickeling your new little brother’s toes and making him laugh.

    Congratulations to Mom and Dad too!
    We love you! AND Miss you tons!
    In God’s Love,
    The Mendez Family

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