Our trip to Target

I love target. The security lady who also greets us when we come in always kind of chuckles when she sees me coming.  Well I found out why the other day. She was walking around asking people if she could help them find anything when she came to my isle and started to ask me and then instead said, “Oh Hi I don’t need to ask you. I am sure you know where everything is in this store”. Oh yes I think we are going to be on a first name basis soon. :)

Or of course she could remember me because this is usually how we look when we go to Target.



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  1. Kim D. Says:

    don’t you just love target? They don’t usually smile at me when I walk in, although I do feel like I should just automatically hand them a $50 or $100, seeing as I never seem to leave there before giving them at least that much at the checkout, no matter how small my shopping list is.

    You know, I think that’s why they called the store Target. Because when people like you or I walk in the store, we all have a target on us and they must wonder, so is this a bullseye $100+ shopping spree or are they going for the outer circle and only giving a $40.

    You know I must be tired, that analogy made so much more sense before I typed it. I’ll just leave it posted for your entertainment.

  2. SueBoo Says:

    I was just at Target on Sunday and since I hadn’t been there for at least a month or more, I spent $230! I did see your buddy, the security lady, and you won’t believe this…she stopped me and asked, “aren’t you friends with that crazy lady who brings her 4 kids here every week?” Seriously, I’m not making this up!

  3. katharine Says:

    I usually need help finding something when I go there —- my kids!! I seriously have only been to Target probably once in the last year because I kept losing G and J there. Maybe they have grown out of that by now… but it is amazing what you can learn to live without!!

  4. Sonja Says:

    Target ROCKS! I love everything about it. The home decor, the fancy chocolates, the fabulous jewelry, the exotic foods (well, they are exotic to ME), plus, speaking from a graphic design perspective, they know how to market their stuff.

    Yep, I’ve gone in many a time planning to spend only $20 on just a couple things, only to find so many more things that I need!

    Love it!

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