Keep those eggrolls rollin

Oh what a wonderful Saturday I had. Mai Chou and her husband Va Mai came over to teach me how to make Hmong eggrolls. It was sooo fun and yummy. Mai Chou has gotten to know our family pretty well over the last couple of years. We take her and her husband to church quite a bit and I am able to talk to her about lots of interesting things. Her husband doesn’t speak any english so I don’t know him too well except that he is always so smiley. Funny story he wore a jacket to church on Sunday that on the back in flourescent colors said Beer Delivery Guy! They had no idea what it said and here he was passing out the Sunday programs. Oh they crack me up. One more quick story Mai Chou (My Chew) loves the kids and she is always saying Hi Baby and squeezing their cheeks. Todd went to go pick them up one Sunday and Monty asked him where he was going he said to go pick up Mai Chou Monty got upset and said, “Daddy thats not your chew that’s Mommy’s chew. Hee hee I thought that was pretty cute. Also Calvie said when asked what her name was while making eggrolls he pointed to me and said, “your chew momma”. Ok back to making eggrolls. Well I know how to make them now and we ended up making around 100 oh yes 100!!


Busy at work. Mai Chou only has one arm and she is amazing at all she is able to do.


Here’s Ella rolling them she was so excited to help


She loved it!


Ta Da


We all had lots of eggrolls to eat that night for supper even Ollie loved them! Monty ate 6!

7 Responses to “Keep those eggrolls rollin”

  1. SueBoo Says:

    Wow, what a neat experience. So, why haven’t you invited any friends over to sample all your hard work? Are you hoarding them all for you and the family? Maybe Monty ate them all already!

  2. Kim D. Says:

    What the Hey? Don’t you think that egg rolls would have been the perfect thing for your Tuesday morning group to enjoy together.

  3. Kim D. Says:

    BTW, love the My Choo/Your Choo story. That Monty is so darn cute.

  4. Kim Says:

    What fun stories in this post! Love the beer jacket at church;)

  5. Nana Says:

    OOOOOOOOOK - so you got 100 eggrolls!
    Hope you are bringing some to GB next weekend, our Schwans just don’t cut it!
    Love the Pics and Stories.

    Nana G

  6. amy Says:

    I don’t know how Chumly’s going to grow up big and strong if he doesn’t start eating his eggrolls like his friend Ollie!

  7. Sonja Says:

    ooh la la…egg rolls are SO yummy! Do you think you could post the recipe that you used? I just HAVE to have some.

    I love the my chew story! Your kids are so cute!

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