Happy Father’s Day!!

Boy have I ever been blessed to have these outstanding men in my life! I will start off with some pics of my amazing dad. What a great example he has been to me. He is someone I can always talk to. Dad always had good advise for me. He taught me the gospel and us kids always knew how much he loved us!


Here he is! I can remember him chasing my mom around the kitchen table saying, “Mooshy, Mooshy” he would say that when he was going to give her a kiss. :) He would always hold my mom’s hand or have his arm around her. I loved to watch them together. (Even though at the time I would always say, “Gross”)


Here’s a picture of my dad and I. We went hiking. Dad would always have fun activities for us to do. We would take long bike rides, walk to our grandparents, go out to eat to McDonalds when my mom had to work, He loves to go for long rides and now I find myself enjoying that also :)


Here’s Dad and Ollie. He is an excellent Papa. He loves to watch all the grandkids. He only wishes he could do more, but I am just so grateful the kids are able to get to know their Papa. My dad is an Outstanding individual who always looks for the best in any situation. Even though he has a lot of health problems he still remains happy and upbeat. I love you dad!

Then there is my superb father-in-law. I couldn’t have asked for a better father-in-law! He keeps us smiling and always willing to help in any way that he can. He loves to be with the grandkids. He plans special camping trips and values family time together.


Here he is with Monty. Len is awesome at taking pictures and keeping them all organized. I couldn’t remember my actual due date for Monty all I had to do was email Len and he emailed me all my info. He keeps track of all the little details that I should be. :)


Here he is with Ollie. He stays at our house when we are in the hospital so that Todd can stay at the hospital with me. He even decorates the house and yard with signs to welcome us all home. :) We are so grateful for all that you do Len! I love you!

Now to an amazing father, husband and person. My AMAZING husband. Todd is an excellent hands on Dad, he loves to spend time with his family and helps out with pretty much everything. I am soooo grateful I married such an amazing person. He is my best friend.


Here he is with Monty. Look how happy Monty is who wouldn’t be with an awesome dad like Todd! :)


Here’s Daddy’s little girl. Whenever Ella gets in trouble first thing she says is I want my daddy. :)


Calvin and Dad. Calvin loves to follow Todd around and help him with whatever he is doing. If Todd has to go somewhere or take a seperate car to church because he has to be their earlier Calvin is the first to say I ride Daddy’s car.


Oliver and Daddy. Ollie loves to pull Todd’s hair or tie and loves to drool and spit up on him. The greatest thing is Todd never seems to get upset about it. He comes home for lunch and always has to wipe his shirts because of spit up. He is such a patient, loving, caring dad.

He is an amazing husband and the best thing is when I am around Todd he makes me want to be a better person. How great is that. He truly is a wonderful example to me. I love you Todd and am ever so grateful to be your wife!!!


6 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day!!”

  1. Kari Says:

    OK- you made me cry!!! What a wonderful testament to the men in your life.

  2. katharine Says:

    beautiful post :) i like all the details you added to make it special.

  3. SueBoo Says:

    You are so blessed to have these men in your life and in the kid’s lives!

  4. Kristi Says:

    Awww…seriously brought tears to my eyes…i’m such a dork!!! Thanks for the wonderful words about such amazing men in your life!!!

  5. amy Says:

    What good daddys. And your boys will all be great dads as well because of the wonderful examples they have.

    I’m wondering why you didn’t include what Todd says to you when he is feeling like a little kiss.

  6. Todd Says:

    Ahh, that would be kissing monster. He comes out every now and then :-)

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