Tennis lessons

Monty took tennis lessons last week and loved it. It was M-F for an hour each day. He liked it so much I signed him up for more lessons in August.


He was really good at it too. He was so excited because he could get the ball over the gate and hit it to the road. For his next lessons I will explain that is not how you play the game but he was so excited that I didn’t say anything. I was hoping his coach would but they didn’t because they were mainly focusing on how to hit it.


They have some really great kid programs here. Monty and Ella start swimming right after the 4th.

4 Responses to “Tennis lessons”

  1. Kim D. Says:

    Hitting the ball out of the court! “You can’t be SERIOUS!”

    Good form, Monty.

  2. katharine Says:

    sounds like an action-packed summer! how fun :)

  3. SueBoo Says:

    Way to go Andre, I mean Monty! I can’t wait for Allie’s lessons! Heck, maybe the Mom’s should take tennis lessons too!

  4. summer Says:

    Way to go Monty!!! That is so cool that Monty loves playing tennis.

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