Row Row Row your boat!

Our friends from church had us over for a cookout and boat ride a couple of weeks ago. Boy was it fun. The kids absolutely loved it and Calvin who was terrified at first of going on the boat keeps saying, “boat ride mama boat ride.” Monty and Ella were able to go in the kayaks with Emma and Ian.




I was a bit nervous at first, but Ian was so good at kayaking!


Emma even let Ella try it.

It was a great day, great company, food, weather and fun!!!!

5 Responses to “Row Row Row your boat!”

  1. SueBoo Says:

    That looks like a lot of fun! How great that the kiddos got to try kayaking!

  2. Zach Says:

    Nice looks like the kids had a good time. It’s crazy the kids really seem to grow up quick…………. I sure am glad I stay young…..ok maybe just mentally I am young but it’s something.

  3. Mom Stub Says:

    I can’t believe that they are old enough to do that — they sure look like they are having a great time !

  4. Marci Maney Says:

    Wow! You are a brave momma! Good for you. It kind of reminded me of the good ole canoe trips we took w/ yw/ym. Good memories…

  5. amy B Says:

    It’s a good thing that Emma had Ella do it because Emma kept whacking her in the HEAD with the paddle.

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