A quick trip to the grocery store…

Ha Ha! I had to just run in and get 2 things at the grocery store today a watermelon and macaroni and cheese, however 25 minutes later we were finally on our way. I love going to Trigs because for starters they have a couple places up front for people with kids so if they are available I usually get one of those spots. Next I let Monty and Ella get out first and come stand next to each other. Then I let Calvie out but he has to hold onto Monty and Ella’s hand, he usually breaks free from Ella’s hand but Monty always has a tight grip on him. I then get Ollie out and we head into the store where the kids run for the little carts. This is when they think they are speed racers and begin to race as fast as they can usually into the back of my feet. Then I yelp and turn around to tell them how much it hurts and that they need to slow down. Then there are many conversations about how one kid has more stuff in their cart than another. About half way through usually one or all have to go to the bathroom. Monty now insists on going into the boys bathroom where Calvie of course follows. I then yell in to see how its going because I am paranoid with them in there alone. Monty comes out without Calvin and I need to send him back in to get him. Then we are back on our way, we somehow always end up with way more groceries. Of course the kids always need to put the groceries up to be checked out and Ella always wants to hand the cashier the money.


Today I decided to take a picture because this is how a typical day to the store looks. Ella always has to have her blankie, Calvin always has something today it was his sunglasses, Ollie is always peering out of the cart laughing at the kids and Monty always walks a little behind so that we don’t loose Ella or Calvie. Oh I must not forget all the wonderful comments that people feel need to be said or the looks I usually get. I just keep a smile on my face and remember that these are the days I will treasure. Interestling enough I really do enjoy every minute of it and have to smile to myself even now as I write this post. :)

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  1. Marci Says:

    You are such an amazing mom! I still dread the grocery store and I definately have never whipped out the camera - I’m too stressed. I love that you just go with the flow. I just took Jenna and Kele to Super Walmart yesterday - they really did great, There were many times through the trip that I thought “Yes! they are being really helpful.” but there were those moments where they start messing with each other or running to be the first to get the mac and cheese. (yes we had to get that too - must have staple) where I feel like I’m going to loose my cool. I guess we just need to focus on those good moments and let the bad ones roll off our back. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. SueBoo Says:

    Trig’s is awesome! Was the snack lady there that day? We always head right towards her stand to see what healthy snack she’s got. It’s a great way for the kids to try something new. Of course, if it’s really good, they will stand there and eat seconds or even thirds while the senior citizens (if it’s a Wednesday) glare at them to get out of their way and stop eating all the free food!

  3. Kim D. Says:

    You obviously are a kinder and sweeter mum than I am. I tend to threaten death at least once to each of the kids while at the store, and then question my sanity a half a dozen or more times during the trip. It helps with the kids being older that I can send someone to run down an aisle to get something for me, which makes it more enjoyable. But then there is the annoying “it’s MY turn to hold the number for drive up” and then EB doesn’t want to hand it over to the clerk as he tries to load the groceries in the car. That’s assuming I remember that I have groceries to pick up once we’ve finally escaped the store. I can’t tell you how many times I get home only to realize that I forgot them … again.

    Oh well, yet another reason for me to aspire to be like Charity.

  4. Kari Says:

    You are my hero. I don’t even take Bennet and Scout if I can help it. I just love this. I’m with you- Trig’s rocks!!

  5. Nana G Says:

    Yes these are moments you never forget, I would give anything to have my shopping buddies with me once again, even though Todd screamed and threw fits every time he had to go grocery shopping with me. The best is when he was so naughty and I was so discusted that I just left him in the street screaming. I did look to see if any on coming cars were coming, but boy did I get the looks. When he was in the mood though he would always stand on the front of the cart and tell me to go faster, those were the good days. I think that was just about ten years ago, although my memory plays tricks on me at times.:-)

  6. Kristi Says:

    that’s so cute!!! What big helpers!!!

  7. Sonja Says:

    And now I’m smiling too!! I love it, I JUST LOVE IT!
    Your kids are great, and that’s no surprise–they have a fantastic mom. :)

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