Any suggestions?

Ok so bedtime is the worst part of the day for us. Our kids are awful at bedtime. There is a lot of crying whining and yelling going on here. We have the same bedtime routine brush teeth, read scriptures and say prayers. Alot of time we also read books then they all get a drink and off to bed about an hour later they are usually asleep. We have to seperate them all before the night is over (3 share a room until our basement is finished so possibly until they are in college JK :) We have tried later bedtimes, staggering them etc. Please give me any suggestions you have!!!  Thank you

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  1. Marci Says:

    Sounds like you’re doing everything right. The only other thing I have done is sing them a bedtime song - it seems to calm them, Jenna still has me sing a song to her, usually a primary song. You might have problems with that though because they will all want a different song, so I don’t know,, I don’t want you’re voice to go out singing all night.
    Have you encorporated those marble jars during bed time? You could hit that jar hard at bed time - everytime they brush their teeth, get dressed, etc. when asked they get a marble. Everytime they complain, start talking after they are supposed to be sleeping - those marbles come out. - I don’t know you may be already doing that. Good luck.

  2. Zach Says:

    I got two words for you Benadryl / nyquil either one should work.

  3. Katharine Says:

    i hear you! we have all 4 in one bedroom because our apartment is so small. i’m constantly getting in and out of a good sleep groove. here is what works best for me (the hardest part is being consistent because we end up missing all the evening activities at school, church, etc.): i say EARLIER bedtimes. it is especially hard to do when it is still light outside, so blackout curtains help a lot. close them earlier so the kids don’t notice what it looks like outside. sometimes joseph will sit in there and read a book (usually in greek!), because they tend to mind him better and will lie still and listen. i also really liked the book ‘Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child’ (about babies)

  4. Sonja Says:

    Well, you’re not alone. This is something that we’ve struggled with off and on. It seemes to go in cycles. But I will tell you that it does get better. It’s got to, right? :)

    When my kids get crazy at night, I get really strict. I’ve always had visions of putting my kids to bed softly, singing sweet songs and reading stories. It DOESN”T work for us. (I have three kids in one room too) We read a few verses in the scriptures, if things are going well (we usually read scriptures in the morning), say prayer, and then, THAT”S IT. They have learned it’s better just to go to bed. (Well, all except my two year old, but she’s getting there)

    So, I know that sounds sort of severe, but everyone is so much happier in the morning when they get a good night sleep. (And I NEED my alone time)

    Good luck!

  5. Sampson S. Says:

    Crying is good. It builds the lungs! Let them cry you will have better althletes.

  6. amy B Says:

    I have found that a shorter bedtime routine is better. That way they don’t have a chance to get distracted or start to go off in different directions. We have kept it really simple and short. Make sure they have got the drink thing out of the way so they have no reason to get out of bed. We let them read in bed, which is an incentive on going into bed. But they are not allowed to talk or goof around in there (quiet time). I have a nice lovie time with each one in their beds, but then the lovie-ness gets strict after I walk out of the room. With Todd gone most nights I have to be firm, and by bedtime I am SO READY to be done with kids for the night! I usually have my ice cream and book out before they are even asleep…

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