Baby Showers!

This past weekend I was able to go to 2 babyshowers they were lots of fun! Both my cousins are having little ones. One cousin on my Dad’s side and one on my Mom’s side. We played lots of fun games and ate yummy food!


Here is my cousin Elizabeth who is due next month! She is having a little boy. Man if only I could have looked like that when I was pregnant.


My grandma and grandpa are having 6 more great grandbabies!! It was my cousin Amber’s first so the shower was for her she is the first one in the picture she is due in October. Next in the picture is my cousin Becky, then my cousins wife Lori, sister Beajay, and cousin Emily. Not pictured is my cousin, Sarah who lives in Colorado. How exciting! How dang cute all of them look! Yeah I can’t wait for all the little ones. We all go to my grandma’s restaurant for family gatherings, however I think she might need to add on to fit us all :)

5 Responses to “Baby Showers!”

  1. Kristi Says:

    B looks so cute!!!

  2. Kim Says:

    What a cute picture! And I honestly didn’t know that that many were expecting… all that I remembered were Amber & Beajay. Guess that next time I’m in Wisconsin I’ll have a lot of people to meet… how fun!

  3. Katharine Says:

    wow! that picture says it all. so many new grandbabies! weren’t there that many last year too?? they are sure going to have to add on!

  4. amy B Says:

    Looking at those pictures almost makes me want to have another one. KIDDING! But they are adorable. How come other pregnant people always look cuter than you remember feeling?

  5. Emily Says:

    Charity, I love the picture, can you please email that to me…. I forgot my camera for this trip home and would love any pictures that anyone has.

    It was great to see you and your beautiful kiddos…. I love your sense of humor on so many things and stive to be as calm and relaxed of a mom as you are….


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