My Grandma!!

The Little Pink Restaurant

Yeah Grandma! I was so excited to read my cousin’s blog and find this! Interestingly enough she lives in Chile and here I live an hour away and found out from her :) Too funny. So Kim thanks so much for posting this.  I wanted to add it to my blog so everyone who reads mine could see this!!!
Little Pink owner surprised by award
For the Daily [Wisconsin Rapids] Tribune • August 16, 2008

Helen Ponczoch, a woman small in stature but big in personality and cooking talent, was surprised by a visit to her Wisconsin Rapids restaurant from Discover Wisconsin television and radio host Stephanie Klett.

Klett stopped by to present Ponczoch with an award naming the Little Pink Restaurant as Discover Wisconsin Radio’s Restaurant Pick of the Month for August.
“I had no idea we were being checked out for an award,” Ponczoch said. “I feel like 51 years of hard work has paid off with this beautiful honor.”
Helen and her husband, Melvin, have been in the restaurant business their entire life, and make it a family affair. When entering the restaurant, diners can see a blessing from the Pope with the official Vatican seal commemorating their 65th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated last year. There are also photos on the wall of the Ponczoch children, 28 grandchildren and 42 great-grandchildren.
Even the restaurant hours assure that the Ponczoch’s family comes first.
“We are open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are always closed on weekends and holidays, because that’s when you should be with your family,” Helen said.
The food is classic American fare, serving breakfast and lunch.
“Our cooking is all home-made and done from scratch. Nothing fancy, just fresh, great tasting food,” Helen said.
Discover Wisconsin host Klett couldn’t agree more.
“The Little Pink Restaurant is the epitome of a down-home diner at its best, only very, very pink.”
In order to be considered a restaurant pick of the month, the Discover Wisconsin team must dine at the establishment a minimum of three times. At each visit the restaurant must pass the test: high quality food, excellent service and a unique atmosphere. The restaurant has no idea that crew members are checking it out for an award.
The program on the Little Pink Restaurant can be played at
The Little Pink Restaurant is at 910 Dura Beauty Lane in Wisconsin Rapids.
“Wisconsin Rapids should be proud of this tiny Wisconsin treasure,” Klett said.

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  1. amy B Says:

    Yeah for your Grandma! Reading this makes me want a big slice of bread! You have got to post that picture of your grandma with the BIG mural of her behind it! I wonder if you will be as famous as she is when you have a couple score of great-grandchildren!

  2. Marci Says:

    You’re going to have to congratulate your grandma for me. That is so neat! Like Amy said - It really made me crave Little Pink Restaurant food! Yum. Little things like that always make me homesick for Wisconsin. When I think about it I really didn’t spend much time there, but it is the place that I miss the most. I’m sure you’re a big part of that!

  3. Kim D. Says:

    Your grandma is so darn cute. You know, I can see a little bit of your grandma in Ella. They’re both darling.

    congrats to your granny.

  4. Judy Says:

    No wonder you have such an abundance of energy. You have wonderful genes. I hope I can have your grandma’s vibrant spirit at her age.
    The bowling trip was a great way to celebrate the beginning of another school year.

  5. Kim Says:

    Glad I can keep you posted on what’s happeining in Wisconsin Rapids;).

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