Lately I have been thinking about my Great Grandma S. She was quite the character. I don’t know what triggered all my thoughts, but I think it was all the painting we have been doing. She use to tell me how to paint the correct way. She would come out to our house and help paint the grainery and I would go to her house to help do things and she would usually correct me. She cracked me up (ok maybe not at the time but now looking back).


Here is Grandma with Monty. She was a very hard worker. She had a huge garden and kept very busy. She said things just like she saw them and didn’t think twice for example when I was a teenager I came over to her house and was talking to her she looked me up and down and proceeded to tell me that I was getting some big hips! :) Oh yes that was my grandma, she said many things like that and we would have to be careful where we were because she would speak her mind. As I sit here and write this I think this was the month she passed away (maybe thats why I keep thinking about her). She was 99 when she died just shy of hitting 100! Wow huh?

My mom who is extremely patient and loving would take all of us to garage sales and grandma would always let us get things no matter what mom would say. She would always tell mom what she thought and again that was not always a good thing. Grandma never really liked girls she preffered boys they could do no wrong in her book, therefore my brothers were her favorites! It drove me nuts for a little bit but then that was just how it was and I didn’t have a problem with it. Even with all her little quirks I totally admired my Grandma and really do miss and love her.


Here’s my dad, me, my dad’s mom and great grandma holding Monty!

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  1. SueBoo Says:

    What a lovely picture of 5 generations! You are so lucky you were able to know her! I only knew one of my grandparents, let alone a great-grandparent, and she died when I was little, so I feel like I missed out on a lot. You were blessed!

  2. Kim D. Says:

    Five Generations!!!!! What a really neat picture.

  3. amy B Says:

    Look at her holding Monty. It must be “like riding a bike.” There she is 90+ and still looks like a natural mommy with that little Monty.

  4. Marci Says:

    Remember the time we went and interviewed Grandma Stublaski for school or something, it was really neat to hear some of the things that she did in her life. I think that was the time that she danced for us. It was sooo cute, or maybe she always danced, I can’t quite remember. Do you still have that tape? I miss visiting her and spending the night on that comfy bed, and I really miss those Sunday dinners at her house - pickled beats and all! Oh, and I seem to recall that hip story a little different - I think it was that she said you had big boobs. I know I’m a horrible friend for pointing that out… hee hee. I love ya!

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