Another tag!

I got tagged by Amy. The instructions are to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of your picture files. Tell us about the picture. Tag a friend or two.


Sadly I don’t remember this picture very well, but I guess in a way thats a good thing too it just means I take a ton of pictures. Anyway here is Monty and Ella. Monty was 3 just before he would have gotten his glasses. I see yummy pour over cheddar popcorn on the table. I was on a popcorn kick for awhile especially the pour over cheddar. However I do not eat it anymore (except when I am pregnant) It tastes so dang good because it is so not good for you :)

I tag you! Or shall I say anyone that would like to participate.

2 Responses to “Another tag!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Look at little, little, little Monty!!! How does that happen so fast? Tell them to stop growing so fast already!!!

  2. amy b Says:

    I could go for some cheesy popcorn!

    The kids sizes look like little Calvie and Ollie!

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