I thought I was losing my mind!!!!

Ok so first off Ollie is a wonderful sleeper I have been super blessed with all my kids sleeping through the night at a very young age, well here goes what happened last night and who knows when else:).  So earlier in the week Oliver woke up at 4:30ish and I ran in his room to get him.  First I always try to remember to turn off the monitor so it doesn’t wake Todd up.  I got him and I thought to myself boy he fell asleep already but my luck I will just go back to bed and in 10 more minutes he will start crying again so I took him to the living room to feed him and he would barely wake up but I made sure to get him fed because I wanted/needed to get some sleep.  I became a little worried thinking this will be a new thing and what was I going to do because any of those who know me know I NEED sleep.  So last night it was 3:00 ish and I hear crying on the monitor I roll over and look at the time and want to cry, but jump up to go get Ollie in my scramble I forgot to turn off the monitor.  I go into Ollie’s room and I grab him as I am walking out I hear “him” crying oh wait he’s not crying he is totally sleeping in my arms.  What the heck?  I am totally frazzled and think I am losing my mind.  I walk into our bedroom and hear the crying coming from the monitor but am looking at him and he is totally sleeping.  Finally after waking up a little more I realize it is our next door neighbors new baby!  I hear her voice talking to her newborn.  Ok my first thought was I wonder how many times I have done this or wait worse yet does she hear me on her monitor?  I keep that monitor on all day HOW EMBARRASSING!  Isn’t that crazy?  Next I wake up Todd and say do you hear that crying he jumps up saying, “Charity, I will go get him I am sorry I didn’t hear him.”  I laugh and tell him I was just teasing him because its the neighbors baby.  I am not sure he will remember any of this when he gets up but I thought it was pretty crazy.  So now my question to you what do I do with my monitor???

3 Responses to “I thought I was losing my mind!!!!”

  1. SueBoo Says:

    Charity, that is a funny story. You always hear that it could happen, getting interference from someone else’s baby monitor. Try changing the channel on the monitor, if you have that option. Or you could just keep evesdropping on your neighbor for some juicy gossip!

  2. Sarah Woll Says:

    It was so fun looking at your blog! We just got your picture and Christmas card today so Amber and I decided to check the blog out after reading the letter. Your family is absolutely darling! They are such cuties! Thanks for updating us on them. I’m so sad to realize that I’ve never even seen Calvin or Oliver and only saw Ellie as an itty bitty baby. Well, I do feel like I know them a little better now, thanks to your blog. Tell Todd and kids Hi for us!

  3. Amy B Says:

    Oh NO! Talk to the neighbor? Work out some channel agreement (Im sure she’ll be just as glad to know that you are not listening to her all day too!) Maybe you could do it the old fashioned way and use your bionic hearing abilities that all we moms seem to have with regard to hearing babies in the night.

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