Never fall asleep when your kids are awake because….

this could happen to you. I was playing with the kids on Sunday after church when I decided to lay in Monty’s bed because they were playing soo nice. I fell asleep (Todd was gone). I woke up and there weren’t any kids around, at first I didn’t think too much of it until I heard little feet running around upstairs and lots of whispering. I knew Ollie was napping so I wasn’t too worried. I ran upstairs and the kids came over to greet me with big smiles and so much excitment bottled up inside their tiny bodies. They very excitedly said, “Mom look we decorated for Christmas”. I looked around and they had a lot of our Christmas decorations out they were out in the garage digging through boxes to get xmas stuff out. They put it throughout the house in very interesting places and only broke 2 things in the process. They were so excited and proud of themselves I had to act excited too.

I was so happy that I didn’t get upset and was thinking how sweet it was that they were sooo excited and its ok if its before Thanksgiving we can put decorations up a little early (our little tradition we usually don’t put stuff out until after Thanksgiving). AND THEN they said,

Kids:  ”Mom you are going to be so surprised we even made a cake for Santa”

Me: What???

K: Come look mom we all made it together (again very proud of themselves)

I walk into the kitchen to find chairs in there with a tupperware container full of a disgusting mixture that I did take a picture of but cannot post because it does look so disgusting. They used water, 2 eggs, peanuts, and sprinkles and they cooked it in the microwave.  I really had to contain myself this time but very happily told them what a great idea except when a grownup isn’t there to help. We had a little talk about safety and I know why I cannot sleep when my kids are not.

9 Responses to “Never fall asleep when your kids are awake because….”

  1. SueBoo Says:

    That’s quite a story. Congrats on keeping your cool. I would have spazzed!

  2. Kristi Says:

    well when I fall asleep or we leave our child out and about with no one around he leaves us presents that don’t smell too nice!!! Charity you’ve got to be the most amazing mom I know! We need to see pictures!!! Love ya

  3. Emily W. Says:

    Charity, I can not stop laughing…. I love it! You really have the patients of a saint, I really don’t think I would have been able to keep my cool. I would like to see the pictures.

  4. Kari Says:

    I almost peed my pants. Those kids of yours are downright thoughtful and hilarious! Kudos to you for keeping your cool! So funny!

  5. katharine Says:

    wow! way to play it cool!

  6. Amy Says:

    So funny and cute. Though you know I most likely would have NOT thought that it was cute at my house. :) You’re a good mommy. Are the decorations still all up where they placed them???

  7. amy b Says:

    That just goes to show you how much your kids love you and want to please you. What good kids… going about their work while letting their dear mommy get some sleep. I am waiting for the picture of the disgusting cake!

  8. Rachel Says:

    That cracks me up! I am very proud of you on keeping your cool. I don’t know if I would be able to. It is something to look back and laugh though. That was sure cute though.

  9. Karina Says:

    Ok, this is great. I guess it helps to finish reading everything and then I know what’s going on! I think I would’ve been freaking out inside, but since the kids were so happy and proud of themselves, I would’ve tried to put on a good show like you too.
    Way to go, supermommy!

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