Calvin’s 3!!

I still can’t believe my little Calvie is 3 already. I decided to save some $ and make his birthday cake ok that will never happen again. It was disgusting. I ended up throwing it out and I couldn’t find the little Elmo characters I bought to add to it. Although he didn’t seem to mind. :)

Calvin is such a little joy. He is such a sweet little boy who loves to hug. He just loves anyone who is smaller than him. He has this awesome little smile that is also very mischevious! We just love that little tyke.


Happy Happy birthday Calvie!!!

7 Responses to “Calvin’s 3!!”

  1. Zach Says:

    Happy Birthday Calvin….Charity I thought you would have learned ….I still remember a cake you made with Rainbow bright cereal.

  2. Kim D. Says:

    Happy Birthday Calvie! You are such a cute big brother. I loved watching you in nursery on Sunday hugging and kissing Ollie. He is so lucky to have you as a big brother.

    Okay, Charity…. I want to hear about the Rainbow bright cereal cake that Zach commented on.

  3. Marci Says:

    I think the cake is cute. Have you ever tasted those really fancy wedding cakes? To me those are always the worste tasting cakes. So I just think that you are on your way to a career as a cake decorator..
    Happy Birthday Calvin!

  4. Emma Says:

    Oh, so now it comes out: it was you who taught Monty how to make cakes!

  5. Kristi Says:

    Oh Calvie…he’s so dang cute! Happy Birthday Big Boy!

  6. sonja Says:

    Happy birthday Calvin! I still think it’s funny that if Claire had been a boy, we would have a Calvin too. Great minds think a like. :)

    My cake baking experiences have not been that great either. They’ve either ended up as volcanos, dirt hills, or trifle. Oh well…

    Elise says she’s going to make her own cake next year. That sounds good to me! :)

  7. Judy Says:

    Happy birthday, Calvin! Grace is looking forward to playing with you Fri. afternoon.

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