Yes Charity, there is a Santa Claus…

Man was I ever surprised and humbled when yesterday I recieved an awesome gift card to get my hair done in the mail. It came from “Santa’s Helper” I couldn’t believe how it made me feel I started to cry right away. I was sooo touched. It then made me think of how every year Todd and I pick out someone or a family to surprise with gifts or money or a gift card and it is then when I realized we didn’t do that this year. What??? I was super sad we always do that. I could make a ton of excuses why we didn’t do it but I won’t and I must say I will NEVER let that happen again. If we make people feel the way I did yesterday then I will be truly satisfied. Today we decided to do some service for some people so our whole family went to do it and boy did I feel great the entire time. What a wonderful time of the year. Just a side note the whole giving to a family or person secretly is from my dad. We use to always do that growing up even though we didn’t have much we always gave to others and it made us learn the importance of it. This is a great but very hard Xmas without my dad and I am really struggling with it, but we are able to take many of the traditions we had and carry them down to our family. Tonight we will eat pizza and open a gift from one another. Anyway I will stop my rambling and just be grateful for all our loved ones.  AND thank you THANK YOU for whomever gave me that gift certificate I hope you know how much it meant and touched me.

 We may not have it all together but together we have it all

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  1. Kristi Says:

    you totally Deserve it Charity! You are always so giving and loving to everyone! You brighten my day all the time and you may not even know it! We too are having frozen pizza tonight to start new traditions and carry on old ones from the Stublaski Family. I am very proud to be included and bare the name! Love you Charity

  2. Kim D. Says:

    I completely agree with Kristi, you deserve it. It makes sense that not only did you receive your wonderful name of Charity from your family (that you embody so well), but that you learnt your first lessons of Charity from your dad. He lives on through you. I have no doubt that you make him proud.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Charity. I will be thinking of you and your special family. Big hugs!

  3. Bea Says:

    I love you Charity and I am always here when you need me. I can’t wait to be with the family tomorrow!

  4. amanda Says:

    You Lucky Girl!- You totally deserve it!

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