My Birthday

Wow!  That’s all I can say.  I have got the best wife in the whole world.  Today is my birthday.  I’m 31 for those who care.  There couldn’t have been a better start to the day.  Let me start at the beginning.

As most of you know, I’ve been running a tight ship around here lately (well, always).  Financially that is.  Charity and I really skimp on gifts for each other so that we can use the money elsewhere.  I’m one who likes to save everything I get, so birthday presents, christmas gifts and such tend to be more creative.

So for my birthday my wife had a date planned.  She wouldn’t tell me what we were doing, so I was left guessing.  For almost 2 full weeks I was trying to guess what we were doing.  This was to be our time to spend together for my birthday.  I guessed everything from skiing, snowshoeing, movie and watching the Badger State Games.  I was wrong.  She gave me very few hints.  Finally I found out that it was in Rib Mountain and that we would be outside, but I wouldn’t need a hat or gloves.  The temperature was -3 degrees, not including the wind chill that night.  I thought she was crazy.  Just when I knew I had it figured out (badger state games) she took a different turn…into a spa!?!!  I laughed, good joke Charity!  I said I’m not going in there and I knew she was bluffing.  She played it out to it’s fullest, got out of the van and walked towards the entrance.  Finally I came just to make her not feel so silly about her joke.  She walked into the building, which surprised me.  As we entered, the lady at the counter said “You must be Charity”.  Ahh, what?  No way.  I was not getting a massage.  I just didn’t feel too comfortable with that idea.  We had to sign some things and then the lady asked, “do you want anything to drink?”  I’m thinking, is this lady nuts?  How am I supposed to drink something when I’m laying on my stomach with my face buried in some towel or something.  I gave her the most sarcastic “No” I could muster up at the time.  We were escorted to a room.  At that point the lady left, and the room was a bathroom.  Now I’m thinking, did Charity get a room by the hour??  Just when my mind is starting to think how crazy she is, she pulls out our swimsuits.  Ahh, it’s a hot tub.  Ok, I can take that.  We change into our swimsuits and I proceed out the door.  Much to my surprise, the hot tub is outside!  I didn’t think there was anyway I was going in that thing, but I did.  We couldn’t even touch the rails entering the pool because our hand stuck to it.  We stayed in there for an hour, talking like we haven’t been able to talk together in months.  It was fun.

So then for my birthday, today, in December she informs me that she is going to need $150 from our budget for my birthday present.  I enthusiastically tell her “No!”, there is nothing I want or need that would cost that much.  I reluctantly tell her that I’ll make the money available.  Of course, I’m trying to guess what she possibly could have gotten me for $150 and I’m preparing her for me telling her thanks, but I really don’t need it.

Meanwhile, Charity is, as Amy B puts it, scheming.  She’s working her tail off, making mittens so she can afford to pay for this gift of mine, which turns out is not $150, but probably around $1000.

I made a few attempts to find out what the gift was by talking with my sister-in-law and Amy B.  I pretended like I had already received it.  Neither would break, luckily, but Amy was pretty dang close!  So this morning I wake up and head to my office (across the hall from my bedroom) to find a new chair, all put together and still wrapped in the plastic, with my lovely wife and Monty hiding behind my desk.  I’m in shock because it looks like a Herman Miller Aeron Chair.  In case you don’t know, they are the very best chairs available!  Of course, it must be an imitation, right? Right??  Turns out it isn’t.  I’m in utter disbelief.  Here’s my new chair!!

Aeron Side

And another shot from the front!

Aeron Front

So Charity schemed and worked with our great neighbors Nick and Kari to get me this most magnificent Chair!  I’m lovin’ it!  Thank you Charity!  Just the other day I was thinking about how my cheap best buy chair isn’t going to last much longer with me sitting in it for 8 - 10 hours a day, everyday.  I love it and I love you!!

12 Responses to “My Birthday”

  1. becky Says:

    Hey sounds like a great birthday and I love the spa thing…we did that for ourselves right before our wedding to relax after all the planning…I think we’ll need to plan another one…sounds lovely. Good Job Charity sounds like you surprised your husband and he loved every minute of it.

  2. Kari Says:

    You do have a pretty amazing wife. No doubt that she simply LOVES you with all her heart! I’m glad we could be part of your special birthday celebration!! Enjoy the chair Todd- you deserve it!!

  3. SueBoo Says:

    AWESOME!! Happy Birthday Todd!!

  4. Amy B Says:

    Talk about schemers! I’ll tell the story of how Todd nearly got me to say what his present was.

    I called Todd to ask him about his band saw and got to talking. I asked if he was excited to get his birthday present from Charity. He told me that she had already given it to him. I thought this was possible because I knew how excited Charity was to give it to him. I asked when he got it.


    “Oh really?” I thought back to the night before, and how she did not tell me that she gave it to him. “I talked to Charity last night (9:30) and she did not say anything about that. What time did she give it to you?”

    Todd, very convincingly replies, “Around 8:00. Yeah, she said that she would give it to me if I figured out what it was.”

    Not catching on, I said, “Weren’t you surprised! She is such a schemer huh?”


    “Yeah, a planner and a schemer, to get that money together.” Do you just love it?” This is where I almost said the word chair.

    “Oh, it’s great! …so when do you think that I’ll use it?”

    “All the time!” (what a dumb question. oh… wait a second…oh, my! he DID NOT REALLY GET IT)

    I then proceeded to scold him. I hung up and called Charity on her cell to tell on him.

  5. sonja Says:

    Happy birthday Todd! You really do have an amazing wife. And it sounds like you are both good schemers–the best sort, of course. :)

  6. Jason Majernik Says:

    Happy birthday Todd! Great story. I liked the idea of pay for the room by the hour though…

  7. Nana G Says:

    Happy 31st Birthday Todd, we do care, have a Great Day, hope to see you over the weekend. Charity did share, and had so much fun surprising you,I have to admit Iwasn’t so sure of the room by the hr.!!! You are lucky to have such a great wife.
    Love Ya

  8. SueBoo Says:

    Jason…you would have to comment on the only X-rated part of the story!

  9. Judy Says:

    Happy birthday, Todd! It takes a great man to marry a great wife. You are a perfect couple. Many happy years ahead.

  10. Kim D. Says:

    Happy Birthday Todd! that is hilarious! who knew that you were such a little schemer. I would never of expected that of you.

    Of course, I would of expected Jason to make the comment he did (I agree with Sue). LOL!

    Ultimately, you’re right, you have an amazing wife. Which makes you two a perfect match.

  11. Kristi Says:

    Yeah Charity!!!!! Well Todd congrats on the most amazing chair in the world. I use to have one and loved it so much!!! Happy Bday to you

  12. Kim Deming Says:

    I think you both are fantastic!! What a wonderful birthday that had to be (I’m a bit late with my reading of your blog, as usual). Love the chair Todd, your definiately working in style these days!!
    Hope your all doing wonderful and staying warm!!! Charity you are so creative and sweet…glad your part of our family!!

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