Happy Birthday Dad!


Today (Jan. 30) would be my dad’s birthday. It has been a little over 3 months since he passed away. A lot of people say it will get easier, but boy it just seems to keep getting harder. I miss him so much, words cannot express the sorrow I feel. My dad would be turning 61. What a life he had! He accomplished so much in his 60 years. I totally looked up to him. He was such an inspiration. I miss our daily chats and his silly, funny, goofy, annoying, quircky ways :)  He was so funny and would say some crazy things (just ask my mom :)) I often try not to think of a lot of that stuff because it is so hard to think about but it is also hard not to. I have so many wonderful memories I wish it were easier to think about them. I think it would be suitable to share a few stories that bring a smile to my face.

When I was in grade school and was sick my dad wrote a note to the school giving me permission to be gone. The following day when I took it to school the secretary took my note and then had me sit down while she showed the principal. They then asked me if I wrote the note I told them I didn’t but they called my dad because they said it looked like a kids writing. What a goof ball. He also told me his name was Sir Frederick John James Stublaski the Great. I being very gullible believed him and that is how he signed his note so I am sure that didn’t help any. :)  Dad loved to embarrass me and boy was he good at it :)

Well I guess thats all I can share at this time I didn’t realize how hard his birthday was going to be I am sure with time I will be able to share more and will be happy to, but right now I must stop.

I look forward to blogging tomorrow on mom’s bday so I can share a little about how amazing she is. Yes Todd’s birthday is on the 29, Dad’s the 30 and Mom’s the 31.

Happy Happy Birthday Dad. WE MISS AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

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  1. Marci Says:

    Happy Birthday Bro. Stublaski!
    Your dad was such a fun loving, amazing person! Thank you so much for sharing. I know it must be so hard, I can’t even imagine… But, I think the more you share and remember those wonderful moments with him here on earth - the more his memory will bring comfort to you. I know he lives on and that he also lives on in you. So many of his wonderful qualities have been passed down. Your compassion and cheerfulness are amazing - People want to be around you, just as they did your dad, because you make them feel good. I love you and wish I could be there - It’s just so hard to give hugs over so many miles.

  2. Kristi Says:

    Happy Birthday Fred. We love you very much and are thinking of you today! Charity thank you for sharing your love for your dad with us. It continues to show us how wonderful a man He is! I love you lots Charity! Tons of hugs and kisses from me to you!

  3. Amy B Says:

    What a sweet picture of him and Monty-Monty. They both look proud to be standing next to who they are with.

    He signed his name Sir Frederick John James Stublaski the Great? What a nut! I love it. I bet the school had a chuckle that day! How fun. Thanks for telling that typical Fred story.

    I loved seeing you two together and the banter you had back and forth. What’s that phrase: “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Or in this case, the nut doesn’t fall far either.

  4. Amy Says:

    Oh Charity Jane, how I wish I could make the healing come faster…..it takes a while. For me, I don’t think that missing those we’ve lost ever goes away, but thinking about them becomes easier and will bring more smiles than tears. I love when you share these little glimpes of your relationship with your Dad, so special, a bond that you will always carry with you. I didn’t call you back because you sounded like you didn’t really want to talk. :) and that’s fine, just know that I am always here when/if you want to. Love you! Amy

  5. Nana G Says:

    A hard day for all of you, we only knew Fred for a little while, but so glad we got to spend some time with him, he is a great guy. I do believe he is up in heaven, having many wonderful conversations with the Lord, when I think of some of his stories about his life and his kids, can’t help a little smile he had such a way with words. Hang in there, thats what he would want,
    Love Mary and Len

  6. Auntie Pat Says:

    Hi Charity,
    I spent the day on Friday with thoughts of him popping in and out of my mind. One of the most beautiful was those last moments before he left this earth. You kids gave him quite an awsome send-off. Probably the hardest thing for him that day was that he couldn’t make any of his own comments as you each reminessed about your favorite times growing up with him as your dad. It left me with such a warm feeling.
    He tollerated so much pain and sometimes just plain misery to stay in his body cause he loved ‘hangin out’ with you all. But when I think of him now, he has a better view and pain free on top of it all. He’s smiling that big wonderful smile of his. I’m sure he got to spend some time with Laney before she came. And he’s getting to know Summer & Brad’s baby at this very moment. He’s enjoying you all still loving him…..through the vale of eternity. I love you guys, Aunt Pat

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