Sleep over fun!

Ella had her cousin, Saylea over for a sleepover.  The girls had so much fun. The 2 older boys slept over at Jason and Logan’s house so I was able to be all girly with the girls. We had so much fun renting something besides Star Wars, painting our nails, curling our hair and making bracelets. Ella usually ends up playing lightsabers with her brothers which is totally fine and great but let me tell you it was nice to be super de duper girly. :)


First they made bracelets from a cool kit Saylea got Ella for her birthday.


We did rag roll curls.


Little curly girlys


Don’t forget the nails!

Can’t wait until little miss cousin R and little Laney can join in on the fun! :)


3 Responses to “Sleep over fun!”

  1. Kari Says:

    This is adorable!! I can’t wait for girly sleepovers!

  2. Marci Says:

    You are such a fun mom. I love ya!

  3. Molly Lesinski Says:

    Hi Charity! Just checking out the fam and I have to know how do you do the rag curls. I did once at a friends house when I was a kid and her older sister helped us but I LOVED the curls and was just recently thinking how I’d love to do it with my little ladies. Any info. would be great. Thanks! You all look great and your kiddos are such cuties! :)

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