Uncle Zach came to visit!

What an exciting night we had!  We got a phone call saying my parents and brother who just got home from Iraq would be coming to visit us.  I help out in Monty’s school on Mondays so when I got there I told him and he could barely contain himself.  He made a ton of pics to give to his Uncle Zach (oops Zach I forgot to give them to you). Not only did they come to visit they had dinner with us and family home evening.  The kids were so excited.  Oh and Mom and Dad got a new dog Sam so he came too

Introducing Sam!  Good thing he’s easy going!

Here’s Uncle Zach with the kids.  They had so much fun with him.  He chases them and plays with them non stop they just love it.  Ok ignore the extremely dirty tv I made sure to clean it.  I couldn’t believe all those handprints!!!   Again Uncle Zach we are so happy you came to visit.  We are so happy to spend xmas with you.  We love you!


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  1. SueBoo Says:

    Don’t know who’s cuter, the kids, the dog, or Uncle Zach. :) I’m sure glad he returned safely from Iraq. And I thank him for all he and the other soldiers do for us. Welcome Home!

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