Monkey Joes

Well it is spring break and it has been very cold, rainy and even snowy. I decided to take the kids to Monkey Joes in Appleton to play. We went with some friends and had a wonderful time. The kids loved it and so did I. :)


That is Calvie coming down the big slide when we first got there he tried going up it and was too afraid so he came back down. Finally after watching Amy go with Bella down it I decided I should go on it too and let me tell you it was fast. I took Calvin down it and after that he was hooked he would have stayed there the whole time if I let him.


Ollie had a great time too. He wasn’t sure about it at first but then he really got into it and I think he would have been happy staying there all day. They had a section for 3 and under so there wasn’t any bigger kids running around which was really nice. Parents could go on all the stuff too they just couldn’t bounce on it.


Ella also really liked the slide. She liked the whole thing especially hanging out with Monty, Jamison and Tristan. Monty loved it too, but he is at that fun age where he thinks its so funny to not let me take his picture. All the pictures I have of Monty there are blurry because he is running away. Little stinker.


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  1. Kim D. Says:

    Didn’t this place used to be called Air It Up?? We used to go there all the time with the kids, and to be honest, Steve and I would end up having races on the obstacle courses ourselves, while pretending that we were on teams with Declan and Caleb.

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