Safety City


We have a wonderful program here called safety city. Officer Friendly and her crew teach the soon to be kindergartners about safety. They learn all about traffic signs, seat belts, bike helmets, fires, ambulances and much more. I absolutely love the program and was so impressed with it when Monty was in it so I was super excited for Ella to be in it. She was able to be in it with her friend, Addie. Addie’s older sister, Biene was one of the helpers so Ella was very comfortable going there, which was a huge relief for me :). They had a little graduation and everything and all the kids got a smoke detector and bike helmet and they were selling bike helmets there so I purchased one for me!

3 Responses to “Safety City”

  1. Marci Says:

    Your little ones are soo darn cute! I can’t wait to come see you all.

  2. Kristi Says:

    wow she looks so big..I almost didn’t recognize her.

  3. Amy B Says:

    Addie whines, “I want that picture on MY blog.”

    The girls had a lot of fun together. When I would drop them off at the school, Biene would try to hold Ella’s and Addie’s hands as she walked them into the building. Ella always ran ahead, though (so she could press the button to open the door.) Ella will be ready to be a helper next year, I think. She is such a smart and confident little girl.

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