4th of July fun!

Well every 4th of July week we camp at a nearby state park. We had a lot of fun. I took lots of pics before my camera totally stopped working, but I just went to download them and they are not there they are just all black shots. I am so frustrated. I will never buy a Kodak again. Argh it has been trouble since I purchased it, at least I have a warranty until I can buy something better. Thankfully April took lots of pics so I will get those from her and share a lot of adventures with you. Things soon to come….crayfishing, canoeing, biking, fireworks, and of course a little disaster so stay tuned :)

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  1. Kim D. Says:

    Don’t you hate that. EB deleted all of Declan’s graduation pictures for me before I had the opportunity to post them. Instead he took pictures of Sue’s nose and drove Meredith crazy by taking tons of close ups of her.

  2. Kim D. Says:

    BTW, check out the Eye-Fi video card - I was just reading about it, it’s so cool.

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