Camping fun

Like I said we had a great time camping. The kids absolutely loved it. The days flew by, it was crazy.


We rode bike all over the kids thought it was great. Monty and his friend Jason were so excited because they were given a lot more independence this year, they were able to ride their bike’s around the loop all by themself! They absolutely loved it. They also were able to take the smaller kids around. Calvin and Logan would try so hard to keep up with them that they would absolutely terrify us, their feet couldn’t keep up with the pedals and I don’t know how many times we thought they were going to flip over. Especially Logan who doesn’t have training wheels and his whole bike would wobble it was so scary we couldn’t even watch him.

We also went crayfishing again the kids loved it.


Monty was very serious about his crayfishing.


Here’s Ella checking out all the crayfish. I am pretty sure she didn’t catch any, but still had a lot of fun following the boys around and watching them put their crayfish in the bucket.


Check out all those crayfish! I think Calvie was upset because it was time to go. We got 2 buckets and cooked up all of them. Yum Yum!


Here is Ollie fishing. Need I say more? :)

¬†We had wonderful food over the campfire and lots of smores. It was so fun, however like I said before we did have one minor disaster. Ollie loves to grab Calvie’s glasses and throw them and he did that this time they landed in the campfire that had been going all day. Needless to say we had to order another pair!

All in all a wonderful time was had! :)

4 Responses to “Camping fun”

  1. Amy B Says:

    You sure got a lot of crayfish! I was wondering if you ate them again this year–I’m glad you answered that question. I would like to try those mini-lobsters! I am glad that I saw Ollie in person prior to looking at that picture of him sitting in the water, or else I would have been afraid he might have been carried off into the murky depths by a pack (herd? flock? colony? gaggle?) of crayfish! Whew!

  2. SueBoo Says:

    Where is the picture of the melted spectacles??

  3. Charity Says:

    I didn’t get one. I wished I would have but I didn’t have a camera at the time :(. They were pretty messed up. Man oh man.

  4. Kim D. Says:

    It sounds like a great time. So, how do you cook your crayfish?????

    And is that Ella I see in …. pants?!!!!!! She looks adorable.

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