Fun in MN!

We had a wonderful family vacation in MN. We decided that all the money we got from our garage sale we would use for a fun family vacation. After making $700!! Woo Woo we figured out we could stay at a hotel for 3 nights and do some fun things in MN.


We went to this super great restaurant that was family style. This was a kids meal! All the kids were able to share 1 meal. The food was superb.


Then it was off to lego land (Monty’s choice) where he of course spent all his money :)


He loved it! Then we went to the American girl shop where Ella spent all her money.


Ella had her doll Laney check out the other dolls and they picked our newest addition Isabella to our family :) She’s the one on the left of Laney in the pic.


We also spent a day going on ridesj. Oliver did not want to get off the train. He was really into it. Calvin was so excited to go on the rides he didn’t even want to spend his money he just wanted to go on the rides.



Calvin really wanted to go on the log ride, however when he got up there he changed his mind. Ella loved it. Monty wasn’t so sure.


We spent one day at the aquarium.

On our way back we were able to stop at some friends house. The kids had a blast too.


Here is their daughter E. We had a wonderful visit. Thanks guys. 

Our trip was superb. Fun was had by all. The kids can’t wait to have another garage sale next year :)

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  1. Zach Says:

    Looks like you all had a good time

  2. Kim D. Says:

    Oooh, what fun!!!! Ella you look just like an American Girl Doll too! Isn’t that just the best store. I’m not sure who has more fun in there, me or Madison.

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