Thursday with M & J

So on Thursday we did the whole summer school swim lessons thing and then Monty stayed at a friend house so he could go to soccer that evening and Marci, Jenna, Ella, Calvin, Ollie and I went to the Dells of Eau Claire to meet with a high school friend Korina. We were able to meet Korina’s son Roan and see her 12 year old daughter Olivia again! It was so much fun.


It was so fun catching up and just hanging out we had Erbs and Gerbs for dinner just like the good ol’ days!


Roan dug a hole and Ella of course stayed right by him!


Ollie is very clingy to me so when Jenna came over to push him on the swing he got all upset. She is so sweet and felt bad so she kept trying to get him to smile at her and finally after awhile she was able to push him on the swing and he loved it.


The kids went exploring on the rocks. Ok now I know how my parents felt when we would go exploring. I was a nervous nelly watching them. Especially little daredevils Roan and Jenna


and Ollie!

Again another great day.

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  1. Marci Says:

    Good times, good times. I’m so glad we had this reunion!

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