The Balloon

Yesterday we had open house for the kiddos. Ella is so excited to go to school and absolutely loves her teacher. He was very energetic and she couldn’t stop smiling. Monty was super shy but I think he is getting a little excited especially since a couple boys came running up to him and asked how his summer was. Well Ella’s teacher had balloons at each seat and Ella was able to write her name on an index card and put it in the spot she wanted to sit and then take the balloon. Ella had to look around at all the balloons and finally found the perfect one. She held that balloon so tight and when her little brothers asked her if they could hold it she told them no because it was so special.

Driving home she told me she wanted to give her balloon to Papa. I said ok thinking it was Papa G but then she continued to say she was going to let her balloon go outside so it would float up to the “Papa who died”. Where do they come up with this stuff? It brought a happy tear to my eye.

8 Responses to “The Balloon”

  1. Amy B Says:

    I don’t even have words for that. She sure is a special girl. No wonder she took such good care of that balloon. I am amazed.

  2. Sonja Says:

    That’s one for the memory books. What a beautiful gesture from such a thoughtful girl.

  3. Judy Says:

    I’ve always believed children have a special “hotline” to Heaven. That’s why they’re such a joy to be around, and why I have a special bond with those precious children of yours!

  4. Marci Says:

    Out of the mouth of babes. Just when you think that they are just thinking about themselves, they do something like that. What a sweet girl.
    It sounds like they all are going to have a great school year. Yeah!

  5. Mom Stub Says:

    I can not tell you how much that warmed my heart. I was having a hard day and that was just what I needed. I can picture Ella talking to Papa and the joy along with a smile it always brought to him.

  6. Kim D. Says:

    Ella, you are such a special girl who brings so much joy to so many people.

  7. Shara Says:

    Pure sweetness. Thank you for sharing such a tender moment!

  8. Rachel Says:

    oh that is so sweet!

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