The 1st day of School and….


these two little stinkers kept me more busy than ever. :) I didn’t realize what big helpers Monty and Ella were until I had a day alone with these little stinkers. I just had to make sure to keep them busy. We went for a walk and played at the park for a long time.


Monty wanted to ride his bike to school today. We ended up leaving later than we had planned so the other 3 kiddos and I had to run with the stroller. Monty had a really good day he really likes his teacher, but he sure was tired today after school. I really struggle with the extremely short evenings though. I feel like we eat and then they have to get ready for bed.


Ella was so excited for school she went to bed super good around 7:30 they both set their alarm clocks and couldn’t wait. Monty couldn’t fall asleep so at 9:30 he went into Ella’s room and woke her up telling her it was time for school she jumped up because she was so excited and then Monty told her he was tricking her. Upstairs we heard this awful scream coming from Ella I ran downstairs to her crying that she wanted to go to school. Needless to say Monty got in trouble and Ella fell back to sleep.

Ella could barely stand it this morning she said, “Mom, I am so exciting because today is the first day of school can you even believe it?” It made me feel so good that she was so excited.

I still can’t believe I have a 2nd grader and kindergartener! Yowsers.

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  1. Kim D. Says:

    What big kids! Ella as always is completely stylin’! and Monty is one cool cat (although somewhat naughty for that night time incident).

  2. Marci Says:

    What is it with big brothers messing with their little sisters. I think I hear screams from Jenna 10 times a day from some prank her brother is doing to her. It’s usually throwing some type of bug on her or going “BOOO”. You would think she would be over it.
    I love it when they are still excited for school to start. Jenna couldn’t wait..
    Ella’s wearing her dress we got them! Jenna hasn’t worn her’s to school - I’m still working on trying to get her to wear dresses to school. She keeps lounging around in the house with it though. But she is wearing the outfit you made her today.. I still can’t believe how stinkin cute it is.

  3. Kim Says:

    Haha, poor Ella! Monty is such a tease!

  4. Kara Says:

    Today was Alivia’s first day also, she was so darn excited, not a tear shed of course she was like “See Ya!” I can’t believe it do you remember when Monty and Isabella were babies lying on the floor across from each other?! When did this growing up thing happen?! 2nd and Kindergarten, Yikes is right!

  5. Zach Says:

    Good work Monty… have to keep your sister on her toes.

  6. kristi Says:

    Wow Ollie is getting so big…no wonder he can take Calvin. Monty cracks me up! That is something my bro totally would have done to me! Awww what would be do without big bros to torment us! So excited they are starting school!

  7. Shara Says:

    Good job, Mom–getting PICTURES even with such a frantic morning!! Ella looks adorable & Monty is hiding his mischievous ways with such an innocent smile!!

    Good luck with the adjustment…sounds like the school kids are ready for it, so that’s a plus!

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