As these cold days are quickly coming I bet you would love to get a pair of warm wool mittens. Well its your lucky day. As most of you may know I make and sell mittens and so does my great friend Sue. Well good ol’ Sue is having a mitten give away.  All you have to do is go on over to her blog and leave a comment.

If you say you got to her blog from mine I will put your name in MY DRAWING.  I will draw my name after Sue draws hers on Saturday! I know I know its a bit confusing but all you have to do is go to Sue’ s blog right here and put a comment on her blog and make sure to add my name or blog even if you don’t know me! I will go to her blog and enter anyone that put my name down in MY drawing and you have 2 chances to win awesome mittens. :) If you don’t win and really want a pair I sell them :) They are $25 but because I love people reading and especially commenting on my blog I will sell them to you for $20!


So the low down…

  1. Follow Sue’s rules to enter her Mitten drawing.
  2. Include my name/blog on your comment on Sue’s drawing.
  3. By doing that you are added to my drawing.
  4. I’ll draw a name after Sue does on Saturday around 10 am.

Happy drawing :)

7 Responses to “It’s MITTEN MANIA!!”

  1. Amy Says:

    So you know since I have several pair of your mittens that I love them. Do I need more? Not really, but would still like more, they are all so darn cute. :) Plus I have never, ever won anything!! Pick me, pick me!! :)

    Love ya, Amy

  2. Judy Says:

    Do you EVER sleep! Great ideas to spread the Christmas spirit.


  3. Kara Says:

    Charity, these mittens look amazing, you are soooo talented! I still can’t believe that you MADE them!

  4. katharine Says:

    how do you make those? they are really cute.

  5. Kim D. Says:

    Such fun! To answer Amy’s question - there is no such thing as too many mittens!

  6. Shara Says:

    BRILLIANT. On my way to Sue’s spot…

  7. sonja Says:

    Charity! Those are DARLING. I want some and I’m bummed I miss out on your drawing, but I would like to buy two pairs. How do I do it? Please let me know.

    Go you. You’re so talented. :)

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