Christmas Eve

Well we have decided to start some traditions of our own as well as some we already have done.  This year on Christmas Eve instead of staying up super late wrapping some presents we decided it would be a good idea to do it during the day.  Todd took the kids sledding while I stayed home and wrapped and looked for all the excellent hiding places I used.  Man what was I thinking.  I am sure it will be a couple months and I will still be finding little things:)  Oh well.  This seemed to work really well.


Here are the kids after sledding.  Calvin and Ollie were napping.  They came home ready for hot cocoa.  Todd called on his way to make sure the cocoa would be ready.  (or to make sure I had things put away:)   After that we decided to exchange our gifts.  The kids picked names we just had the 3 older ones this year because we knew Ollie wouldn’ t mind.

Here is Calvie hugging Monty after Monty gave him his gift.  Monty got him a couple super hero guys and a lovely Shrek baby?!  We have never even seen the Shrek movies but Monty knew Calvin would love it:)  It was a very fun day.  Soon to come pics of our Christmas and New Year!

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  1. Kim Says:

    Love the hugging picture… what a treasure!

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