Ice Skating

Monty, Ella and I went ice skating the other night with the youth from church. Our dear friends Emma and Biene came too and they were so awesome and helpful with Monty and Ella.


Here’s Emma helping Ella get on her skates.


Neither Monty or Ella have ever gone ice skating so they were super excited but also extremely nervous. Emma totally helped Ella and was so good with her and things were going great until I wanted to help and Ella grabbed onto me because I am not as good as Emma at skating I went down and hurt my elbow. It was so painful! So after that poor little Ella was afraid to go back on the ice.


So this was Ella the rest of the time sitting on the bench. :(

Monty was so excited he kept going around right next to the side. He was really struggling but wouldn’t give up.


This is pretty much the only picture I got of Monty everytime we took out the camera he would get upset and hide. Man oh man. Biene and Emma again kept giving Monty words of encouragment and made it so fun for them.

2 Responses to “Ice Skating”

  1. kristi Says:

    Ella doing it in style…always a lady in her dresses! Way to go Monty…Auntie isn’t really good at skating either!

  2. Shara Says:

    I was on the sidelines, too…nothing wrong with watching everyone else skate around!! lol

    I thought your kids were super brave–and I’m really really sorry you fell! :( Elbow bumps are the WORST!!

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