Disney Princesses on Ice



Here’s little Miss Ella and Bella all ready to go see the princesses! Check out those super cute super twirly skirts and adorable crown shirts. Bella’s mom, Amy made those! She is amazing and is opening up an online store soon. Don’t worry I will be posting it as soon as I am given the ok. :)


Before the show the girls were able to go pick out something. They had some super cute crowns that lit up, pretty much anything super girly and ridiculously expensive but anyway I told her she could pick out 1 thing. She chose the BEAST?!! That little turkey.


The show was super good. We had a great time.


Afterwards we went to Olive Garden. We had an awesome surprise. We really wanted to visit with Nana & Papa while we were in GB but couldn’t because of time Todd and I had plans that evening at church so it was just a quick visit. Ella was sad when I told her. We were thrilled when they walked into Olive Garden!!!! We all had lunch together and had a super great time.


3 Responses to “Disney Princesses on Ice”

  1. Judy Says:

    When you have a daughter who is a BEAUTY, why wouldn’t she pick out a BEAST :-) Good luck when she brings home her first date :-)

    Love the skirts and tops! I totally understand Nana and Papa showing up and surprising both of you. It’s a grandma/grandpa thing!

  2. Shara Says:

    I am still laughing about her choosing the beast…so funny! Glad you got to see Nana & Papa at Olive Garden…

    …ooohhhh Olive Garden….


  3. Marci Says:

    Those girlies never choose what mom thinks would be the best - at least that’s what I’ve noticed with Jenna. We got last minute FREE tickets to Disney on Ice a few months ago - Isn’t it amazing, even Kele was transfixed. Glad you got to have a mother daughter date after the father daughter dance.

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