Monty turned 8!!

Yowsers I still cannot believe that I have an 8 yr old already. Where oh where does all the time go? Turning 8 is a huge deal in our house because it means if you choose to, you can get baptized! We were so happy Monty chose to get baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.




I ordered Monty’s cake from Shara and it was absolutely amazing. Not only did it taste great just look at it.


Click this to see what CTR means.  What a special day. Monty absolutely amazes us everyday. He can be a bit of a handful at times but is also one of the sweetest, most thoughtful boys I know. I love how he really thinks about other people and their feelings. He loves any type of video game and has really taken to reading on his own.

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  1. Marci Says:

    What a wonderful time. Congratulations Monty! Love the cake.

  2. Judy Says:

    Happy birthday, Monty! Your baptism was very special with that awesome cake for your day. You and Dad are two handsome fellas and the years ahead will hold many happy memories for all of you.

    I am impressed at the great reader you are becoming! Keep it up. You are also a very helpful, watchful big brother to your brothers and sister.
    God loves you.

  3. Shara Says:

    We loved being at your baptism, Monty! What a special day for you & your family. You are growing into such a great young man!

    Glad you liked the cake, it was SO MUCH FUN to make!! :)

  4. sonja Says:

    wow! Way to go Monty! (and Happy Birthday!) where does the time go? The cake is wonderful. Perfect, even. Congrats, Charity and Todd!

  5. Mom Says:

    Monty it is so hard to believe that you are 8 already. You are a special young man - may you continue to be blessed with the strength of Nephi to always Choose the Right !

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